Top 10 Epic LEGO World War II Creations!

Top 10 Epic LEGO Star Wars Creations:
Top 10 Epic LEGO Marvel Avengers Creations:

– Siege of Bastogne by Elliott Atkinson, Hunter Erickson, Erik Platt, Greg Suhr, Ethan Johnson, Chatin Atillasoy, Rob Herberger, Greg Bible, Yasser Mohran and Nick Loper.
– 13:42 D-Day Omaha Beach by Brickmania
– 25:15 Itter Castle by Andrew Spengler
– 31:47 Tank Factory by Paul Thomas
– 38:45 USS Missouri by Brickmania
– 49:42 Pearl Harbor by Matthew Greene
– 57:56 Battle of Peleliu by Caden Burton
– 1:02:15 100+ WWII Vehicles by Brickmania
– 1:37:52 Pointe du Hoc by Aiden and Jacob Bekendam
– 1:44:01 US vs Japan Navy Battle by Einon
BONUS! 1:51:16 The Great Escape Scene by Jesse Mohler
BONUS! 1:54:22 Futuristic WWII Mech Battle collaboration organized by The Brothers Brick
BONUS! 2:03:08 How Brickmania Creates WWII Minifigures

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