Top 10 Epic LEGO World War II Creations!

Top 10 Epic LEGO Star Wars Creations:
Top 10 Epic LEGO Marvel Avengers Creations:

– Siege of Bastogne by Elliott Atkinson, Hunter Erickson, Erik Platt, Greg Suhr, Ethan Johnson, Chatin Atillasoy, Rob Herberger, Greg Bible, Yasser Mohran and Nick Loper.
– 13:42 D-Day Omaha Beach by Brickmania
– 25:15 Itter Castle by Andrew Spengler
– 31:47 Tank Factory by Paul Thomas
– 38:45 USS Missouri by Brickmania
– 49:42 Pearl Harbor by Matthew Greene
– 57:56 Battle of Peleliu by Caden Burton
– 1:02:15 100+ WWII Vehicles by Brickmania
– 1:37:52 Pointe du Hoc by Aiden and Jacob Bekendam
– 1:44:01 US vs Japan Navy Battle by Einon
BONUS! 1:51:16 The Great Escape Scene by Jesse Mohler
BONUS! 1:54:22 Futuristic WWII Mech Battle collaboration organized by The Brothers Brick
BONUS! 2:03:08 How Brickmania Creates WWII Minifigures

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  1. i knew a guy named bob who was in nearly all these battles including ww2, midway, pearl harbor, Korea, Vietnam. R.I.P bob

  2. They should use this build to do a Lego video with the minifigs runnin' around, and the parachutes dropping!!!!

  3. The swatstika on the final amazing plane is not offensive! It’s set in world war 2 and nazis were a huge part of that war so he is just historically accurate

  4. I would love to start doing this but every Lego that I've seen in the past year is above $10 and I'm sorry that's just rip off for even a small car

  5. Some random kid be like: oh hey someone who built something for a long time would be a shame if someone smashed and jumped on it
    The kid 50 seconds later: OH NO THE LEGO SET, ITS BROKEN

  6. Nice model, to me though it’s a little too sterile of a battlefield creation though. I’d expect to see things like blast craters, debris fields, something that can be recognized as smoke emanating from buildings since they tend to burn slowly for long periods of time. Also, the snow looks too one-dimensional to me. If you’re going for accuracy, snow is going to be affected by things like footsteps in it, wind sweeping through and forming snow drifts, etc. I’m just a critic though. Great job!

  7. I think more vets should go to places like this and point out the figure that could be representing them, that would be cool, having like an area with a bunch of minifigs with the signature of the vet they represented. Seems like a cool way of honoring the vets who served there. My grandpa was a paratrooper/liaison officer in Vietnam, I'd want to bring him to one of these places that have dioramas from Vietnam. I think he'd like to see that.

  8. I think they should’ve used more dark blue studs for the water but who am I to talk I couldn’t build any of this

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