Top 10 Best World War II Movies

With MONUMENTS MEN just about to hit theaters soon, we wanted to take a look back through 50 years of cinema and break what we think is the top ten greatest war movies ever made. From “The Dirty Dozen” to “The Great Escape”, there’s definitely no shortage of classic war cinema.

Top 10 List Countdown:

10. “The Thin Red Line” – 1998
9. “Enemy at the Gates” – 2001
8. “Inglourious Basterds” – 2009
7. “Patton” – 1970
6. “Das Boot” – 1981
5. “The Great Escape” – 1963
4. “The Dirty Dozen” – 1967
3. “The Bridge on the River Kwai” – 1957
2. “Band of Brothers” – 2001
1. “Saving Private Ryan” – 1998

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  1. USURY INTEL's decades deep mis–direction of attention to the long gone – – largely bogus – – WWII.

    Chaplin's 'Great Dictator' was actually showing you – –

    That's right – – a Charlie Chaplin wanna be – – meets the Marx Brothers meets the Three Stooges' – –

    Meanwhile – – as we watch Rockefeller USURY wrap up its seven decades on the move – Rockefeller RED China treason project – -er – –
    about that — still – – 'overlooked' – – 70th anniversary of that — still – – Rockefeller RED China – – ;treason pivotal' – – Korean War ? ? ?

  2. I need help identifying a movie …
    It’s between 1990 and 2004 ,
    There is a scene we’re foot solders are in a forest and all sudden they are taking fire from a fairly close tree line , that is of a slight uphill from Thier position , a tank breaks down some trees , a foot solder runs alone into a clearing , between the two fighting forces using his rocket launcher , the rocket deflects off the tank and a second foot solder has to run out to resupply to rocket man

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