The Turning Point (1945) movie

World War II. German high command accumulates enormous forces for the assault. Soviet troops commanded by General Muravyov repulse the enemy attacks. Soviet army scouts find out the exact day and time of the decisive offensive. Muravyov is determined to forestall the Nazis and plasters the enemy with fire. All is quiet. Will the fascist troops weakened by the surprise fire begin their offensive or put off the attack?

The Turning Point (1945) movie

Genres: Drama, War
Production Co: Lenfilm

Directed by Fridrikh Ermler
Writing Credits: Boris Chirskov
Music by Gavriil Popov
Cinematography by Arkadi Koltsaty

Mikhail Derzhavin as Col. Gen. Muravyov
Pyotr Andriyevsky as Col. Gen. Vinogradov
Yuriy Tolubeev as Lavrov
Andrei Abrikosov as Lt. Gen. Krivenko
Aleksandr Zrazhevsky as Lt. Gen. Panteleyev
Nikolai Korn
Mark Bernes as Minutka
Vladimir Marev
Pavel Volkov as Stepan

Additional information:
National Grand Prix and Award for Best Script at the 1st IFF in Cannes, France (1946). For this film, the main members of the crew and cast received the Stalin Prize (first class) of 1945: F. Ermler, B. Chirskov, A. Koltsaty, N. Suvorov, M. Derzhavin, A. Zrazhevsky (1946).


  1. I've seen Russian Movies on a late night weekend channel 40 years ago.

    black and white portable tv.

    excellent movies, even when I couldn't understand, I understood

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