The Real Life British Secret Agents Of World War 2 | David Jason's Secret Service | Timeline

Sir David lifts the lid on true stories of unbelievable heroism in World War II and explores a world of cold-blooded assassins, crack saboteurs, elite commandos, real-life super-villains and the ultimate femmes fatales.

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  1. It must be easy to film a historical documentary in Britian. It's like you can stand in front of Buckingham palace one minute then walk across the street and be standing on the white cliffs of Dover and catch a cab and after a 3 minute ride, your in the North of Scotland. What tiny lil country 🤣

  2. Sorry to bring politics to this. When watching series like this it breaks my heart to see the buffoons who have taken over the British parliament today. I'm not even from England.

  3. From Sir David Mason down, everyone in this story is absolutely amazing. Brits at their unbeatable best.

  4. I love David Jason ,I often watch him in the series "A touch of Frost" he plays a role of a smart inspector as well as he is playing in this documentary.Great Jason…

  5. Could you do a doco on the SOE girls, particularly about the "White Mouse" who was a Kiwi born Australian

  6. Love you Antoine…jajaja..
    ur a wonderful human…few and far between…I do thank you for the laughter u have brought to my life x

  7. Sir David, you are a national treasure. Your style, flair and humor make you one of the best presenters I have ever seen. I wish I had the opportunity to meet you and shake your hand. Thank you.

  8. War is so violent. Ww2 was as righteous as a war could be. Rotten nazis were monsters. As evil as ever been.

  9. And we wonder how we lost world position in the last 70 years. When we mash half information and drivel, and spoon feed with a dtmatic track delivered by a pandering geriatric with not much in the way of substance, a bit of good fun, a lark. Next he's gonna do a jolly good wander through the wars his gèneration lost; the car indiustry, the Welfare State amd egalitarianism, The Class War, delivered in easy to digest simplicity wirh fantastical music

  10. This was a lovely program!! I felt my heart speed up sometimes thinking of the risk😬 I love seeing the older generations telling us how it really was! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎉 Grandmothers and grandfathers tht were sooooo crafty during war times!!

  11. Couldn't have picked a better host. Sir David, you're a peach!!
    The heroes of WWII will never be forgotten!

  12. 32 000 Gestapo guys in Paris, 30 000 of them in bed with their French mistresses anf 2 000 in Moulin Rouge …😂😂😂

  13. I guess Polish Underground didn’t need any help, did they? The Jews in Auschwitz and other camps didn’t need help.
    Vichy France did…

  14. Cloak & Dagger? Ha! That would be dear old dad. Lol! He was the American component, 1950 onward, his comrades left over from WWII's OSS. The Cold War was dad's war. Dropped into Communist China a few times. Stealth aircraft? Former "Flying Tigers" became contract pilots for "Air America", flying dad everywhere. It was an interesting upbringing all over the World. Think if my dad as Jason Bourne, married with children. Lol! He is a legend, living on after his death.

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  16. This Sir David fellow is about as charming as it gets. Should definitely do more with him if he is still around.

  17. What the…… This is supposed to be a show about spies and agents, who let this pansy with the v cut and skinny pants in? That was a good laugh. A middle aged man attempting to dress like a teenager is slightly alarming. Other than that, great show with a slew of great information.

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