The most galaxy brain strats from World War 2

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Welcome to some of the funniest World War 2 strategies we could find. This includes the plot to turn Hitler into a woman, the wooden bomb prank, the fleet of inflatable tanks, and the Infamous operation Mincemeat.

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  1. imagine being that homeless dude up in heaven, occasionally checking up on his corpse, only to find he plays a key role in helping Britain invade Italy.

  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no way in hell am i gonna google ANY of those tags sir swag trown out.

    And as a sort of advice. Just don't do it. Unless ur into that shit, then ateast do it when ur alone~

  3. Gah this "Fem-HItler" plan is so rooted in transphobia and sexism of the 1940s UK that I am surprised when the plan was scraped they didn't exucute the team for susgesting the idea. Even if it feminised him, he had Germany's medicine to reverse the effects and indentify the cause. Regaurdless he'd be just as insane before and after, the hell were they looking to achieve?

  4. If you think the femhitler plot was weird, keep in mind that during the Cold War, the us considered dropping XL condoms labeled β€œmedium” over the Soviet Union to convince them that Americans were just anatomically superior.

  5. Swag, you should have added the fake bomb rats made by the British.
    They stuffed rat corpses with explosives and snuck them into Germany, where they were supposed to be mixed into the coal supply and explode once they reached furnaces.

    Unfortunately it was discovered by the Germans and wasn't effective. It did get German authorities to start double checking all of their supply shipments, though.

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