The Might Of The German Airforce The Bf-109 | World War II | IL-2 Great Battles | Dogfight.

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On this channel we like to do a lot of dogfighting most videos are some sort of dogfight between 2 different aircraft as we explore their different capabilities. From time to time I like to dabble in Virtual Reality, I think VR is a great new technology and I love to show that stuff off for the channel from time to time.

If you prefer more up close and personal dogfights consider the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battle series and experience intense WWII aerial combat over famous battlefields such as Stalingrad, Moscow, Rhineland and Normandy. Fight in and against Russian, American, German, British warbirds such as the P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, Bf-109, FW-190, Spitfire, Hurricane and rugged IL-2 Sturmovik attack plane. You can also fly legendary SPADS, Fokkers and Camels in WWI dogfights over the trenches of WWI and discover your inner Red Baron! And all of this can be experienced in jaw dropping virtual reality!

If you enjoy war thunder or Microsoft flight simulator 2020, consider getting yourself into Digital Combat Simulator by Eagle Dynamics, the Combat side of Aviation with the BVR and Dogfights really provides a different and interesting perspective on aviation. You can fly all kinds of combat aircraft including the F-16, F-15, F-14, JF-17, Su-27, Mig-29, Mirage and the F-18 Hornet along with many other aircraft and helicopters like the Ka-50 and Mi-8.


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    Just a little complication video of all my 109 action having a lot of fun in this German Workhorse, my experience has been that as long as you energy fight in the 109 and you're patient the thing is an absolute animal and its very very hard to shoot down. Hope you guys enjoyed the video and thank you for watching, much love.

  2. During the BoB, the Luftwaffe referred to the RAF squadrons as “bunches of grapes.” Due to them being untidy in their groupings. Because the Brits hadn’t yet adopted the German “finger four” formation.
    Spitfires could out turn the enemy. Bf-109s could out climb/dive the enemy.

  3. Imagine how stressful this sort of combat must have been. Being in a B-17 and not knowing whether you'll ever see home again. They (bomber crews) had the second highest casualty rate out of all services out of all armies in WWII. The highest casualty rate was among German submariners, my grand-uncle having been one of them, a Lt. on a German U-Boat. Never returned home and he knew that before he left on his first and final combat mission.

  4. I have 2 questions for a newcomer to IL2. I don't think i have ever seen of or heard of 109s having leading edge slats before, and seconly, are you fighting computer spawned enemy, or other online players?

  5. Man…may have to look at getting this one. I have DCS, but can't play it until I can upgrade my RAM and graphics card…but looking at the specs for IL-2, my pc can run it as is.

  6. Very cool. That one shot 20mm kill. I like the WW2 stuff. Seeing as you take requests, I love the Battle of Britain stuff. For me its more immersive, because you know those huge battles actually happened. More Spitfire please.

  7. I watched an interview with an old British BoB fighter pilot. He said that they didn't worry about the Me109's being higher than they were (higher service ceiling) as they felt that if the germans wanted to fight they had to come down to where they were.
    I guess the fighters were more focused on downing the bombers anyway.

  8. The BF109 was such a fantastic airframe. It had its limitations in range, rear-visibility and that damn landing gear, but it was a scalpel when handled by someone who knew how to fly it. A beautiful little fighter.

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