The Longest Theatre Of World War II | China's Forgotten War | Timeline

The world is a battlefield with Nazi Germany attempting to take over Europe, but halfway around the world another battle is taking place, China is under attack from Japan.

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  1. Total stupid b.s. For decades the USA and UK had been pushing opium in China. USA UK sponsored warlords mass murdered China people by the millions. Hyper inflation disease epedemics and anarchy were further used by USA UK against China. The USA was on the verge of dividing China up into six different nations. But China had a Savior. The Japanese army kicked the USA UK out of China.That is why China is a Sovereign nation today. The USA is the Great Satan.

  2. Unfortunately this documentary about a very important topic is not well done. I don't need anime clips to understand what is said. I don't need constant background music to make it more emotional or special. And it gets on my nerves that you can see the presenter fishing for compliments all the time. "I found this person and that person." "I have been researching this and that for years." "Look at me, here I am walking on a bridge, here I am researching in an archive, here I am speaking Chinese". Please…

  3. Thank god this sort of videos is available on the internet, for everybody to see how the Chinese suffered during the Japanese occupation. When I sometimes during conversations with a western student, very often he would be very surprised when I mention the Japanese brutal treatment of Chinese civilians during the war. The Japanese are very nice people and would have not very likely done anything that bad, most of them would react. Yes, unlikelly cruel people too when they were let loose. Beasts would have been more forgivenable indeed. The atrocity is beyond imagination. I watched this with tears, remembering how much my people went through over the years of resistance.

  4. You are a specialist in facts & history, you know everything. 2021 Germany has much to offer modern Communist China, VW, Mercedes Benz. Modern Germany is the European gold standard & finest of what is decent in 2021. .Today USA & Japan are the closest friend & ally. they man each others navy, they are united as one against the one & only government of China PRC. The KMT has been ousted by Taiwanese & are certainly not the values of KMT & are anti PRC. USA is setting NATO & the rest of the world against PRC. Greatest respects to modern Peoples Republic of China where the Chinese are FREE & very happy & most of all feel very safe. Thank you President Shi Jing Ping

  5. Wow this is absolutely horrible. If it is indeed true history (history told by a bias mostly) I understand Xi's revenge I guess, and Lord knows what America's role was along with the West in how China suffered. The fall of the Qing Empire, drugs, invasions, infiltration, I can see how capitalism was the blame for what happened in China and I guess the rise of Mao and the cultural revolution got underway along with capitalist on over to modern day Taiwan; China got destroyed for real. I guess the rebels CCP vowed to never let this happen again.

  6. China had a population about 400 million, and they lost 35 million people in the war, almost every Chinese today has consangunities suffered from that war.
    So it's an unsolvable hatred, and keeps by blood relation to forever, until one of those nations be destroyed.

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