The Invasion – The Outbreak Of World War II | Extra long Episode

This Extra long Episode reconstructs how Hitler’s invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 triggered a chain of events sparking a global conflagration. Hitler’s Poland Campaign unleashed a “Blitzkrieg” lasting six weeks only. However, it was a war of unprecedented brutality resulting in a tremendous suffering of the Polish people in the long run. Sheds light on some of their lives telling almost forgotten stories.

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  1. Something I’ve always found odd is the absence of actual proof that the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact agreed to “carve up” Poland. The few documents that have been published are, in the main, references to a mysterious agreement rather an actual document. Even the claims made at the Nuremberg trials were never backed up by hard evidence.
    The question remains that if such an agreement was in place why did the Germans and Soviets not attack at the same time?

  2. These peoples at these decades suffered at the verge of death.. they suffered unbearable treatment and yet , there they are relating so that many of us can have a slight idea of such ideologies that violated the world and still There're some who absurdedly support them

  3. Thank you for this excellent documentary, one never sees what the Poles went through, most documentaries make it seem as if the Poles stood by and watched what was done to the Jewish population, not so, this docmentary explains it . Thank you

  4. Anyone can put a camera in front of someone and go about any story they are trying to influence to the public. Question everything and stop taking some media propaganda's word as complete truth.

  5. I’m rather surprised that the man who was sent to England when he was 13 years old is speaking Polish instead if English. He must have returned to Poland at some point after the war.

  6. I don’t know if I believe Roman fully. He has a lot to gain by exaggerating his experience even figuring out he could use his past to gain fame and recognition to advance his career early on.

  7. Tästä puuttuu kokonaan Britanian ja Ranskan uho eli Puola luotti tyhjiin lupauksiin sekä se, että Saksa ja Neuvostoliitto jakoivat Puolan. Britannia ja Ranska julisti sodan Saksalle eli Saksan hyökkäys niihin oli prusteltua. Sama englanniksi.

  8. Meanwhile in Russia: Poland started the war!!!! Poland made holocaust!!!
    Meanwhile in Iran: holocaust is a lie!!!!
    Meanwhile in Russia: ….. Iran, it’s not true, according to our books there was a holocaust and Poland did it…
    Meanwhile in Germany: the German nation apologises for holocaust, taking full responsibility for what has happened.
    Meanwhile in Russia: you are all liars!!!!!

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