The Flash Moments at A Glance [Different Universe] [No BGM] | Justice Society: World War II

On Earth-1, Barry Allen comes to Superman’s aid as the Flash. When Brainiac fires a Kryptonite bullet, Flash tries to catch it, but he runs fast enough to channel the Speed Force for the first time. Guided by Doctor Fate’s voice, Allen arrives in what he believes is the past during a battle between the JSA and the Nazis.

Despite initial confusion over his allegiance, the JSA realizes Allen is an ally after he defeats the Nazis and saves Trevor and that he is apparently from the future.

Realizing he must return to his Earth, Allen shares his goodbyes with the JSA, and Wonder Woman gives him the ring Trevor gave her, warning him of missing opportunities with his loved ones. Allen and Garrick use their combined speed to send the former back to the moment he intercepted the Kryptonite bullet.

What do you think of the Flash in Earth-2? How do you think the Flash travels between different Earths? How do you feel about Wonder Woman’s decision about the ring? Did you find any mistakes or plotholes? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Share your opinion with the world in the comment section below. I put the video in 4K and removed the background music score to help you focus thoroughly on CGI and SFX.

0:00 | The Flash arrives in Earth-2
0:26 | The Flash [in Earth-2] vs. The Nazis
1:05 | The Flash [in Earth-2] and Jay Garrick Save Steve Trevor
1:51 | The Flash [in Earth-2] Is Named Future Boy
2:06 | The Flash [in Earth-2] Meets Dr. Fate
3:16 | The Flash [in Earth-2] Fixes the Submarine
4:02 | The Flash [in Earth-2] Frees Justice Society of America From Aquaman prison
5:53 | The Flash [in Earth-2] vs. Aquaman
6:48 | The Flash Is Sent Back to Earth-1
7:32 | More Scenes

[The Original Animation]
Justice Society: World War II
Release date: April 27, 2021
Director: Jeff Wamester
Screenwriters: Jeremy Adams, Meghan Fitzmartin
Stars: Stana Katic, Matt Bomer, Omid Abtahi, Darren Criss
IMDB: 6.4 of 10 based on 3,843 users
ยฉ 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
ยฉ 2021 DC Entertainment

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  1. Man, after being exposed to CW for so long, the animated Flash(es) just seem so much more efficient. I'd really love to see more.

  2. I like how new incarnations of Wonder Woman in new animated movies and hows are taking the good parts from her recent movie adaptation like the fake ancient Greek accent (that sounds middle-eastern/Israeli) and new tiara design.

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