The Fallen of World War II – Triple Threat Reaction

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  1. Of course it was the USSR that mostly defeated the Axis, not only they had the most casualties, it was the red army that took Berlin! And about 80% of the Axis powers were fighting on the eastern front when D Day happened!!!

  2. 12:58 Now look who exactly fought against the Nazis. It seems to be considered the war was won by the USSR, the USA, the UK, and the territory of Germany was divided equally, but it was the USSR that fought and won. According to statistics, more than half of the Soviets are civilians, at the end of the war it is clear that the USSR had already begun to lose very little. What's more interesting, if the Soviet took revenge on the inhabitants of Germany, then he was either sent to prison or immediately shot on the spot. And what do they see in Russians today? Angry Russians and fascists.

  3. The Soviet Union were the only ones to defeat Germany (at a very high price). All other countries did not make it together. The Russians are the real heroes. They have finished WW2. Two million tons of bombs were dropped in Germany. Still today around 5,500 unexploded bombs are defused year for year in Germany. That too is statistics.

  4. In Poland, the Red Army reached the internationally recognized Curzon line (in 1920, Poland seized part of the land from the Soviet country). Therefore, none of the countries had any claims to the USSR

  5. 15:50 Well, look at the mathematics and the physics and other sciences supporting the idea that the Earth is a spheroid object orbiting the sun and then go figure there are so many geocentrist flat-earthers. It's simple when one straight up lies and denies when it comes to facts.

  6. Remember the Soviet Union was made up of 15 Countries about 7 of which were completely(5) or partially(2) occupied by the Germans during the invasion, many in occupied Ukraine,Lativa,Lithuania and Estonia would go on to help and join the Germany army either being forced(majority)to fight or willingly joined(minority)mainly in the 3 Baltic countries as they were annex only a year before Germany attack the USSR

  7. My grandfather was in war, he had 6 or 5 (im not sure) half brothers. All his half brothers died at the eastern front. My grandfather fought at the western front, and even tho he was captured, he was lucky and was able to return home

    My grand grand fathers on my other side fought also in the war, but they all survived, one of them only because he deserted from the eastern front, otherwise he would have probably died. And even if you survived the war, it was traumatizing, especially when they already fought in ww1. They all fought for nazi Germany

    For me, it's even horrifying to just hear the stories from these days, I don't wanna imagine how it would be, if you live in such a time

  8. Proportionally speaking, the Mongol Invasions were so far ahead the most devastating wars in history it’s not even funny. It took 400 years for the Middle East’s population to return to its pre-Mongol numbers.

  9. Many people also talk about Stalins actions was… well too hard. I mean… there was political instructors in every unit, and NKVD squads actually could shoot at retreating soldiers, and yes, it’s rough buuut… I guess it was kind of necessary. I mean sometimes in order to kill an unstoppable monster you must be ready to become a monster too.

  10. More than 27 million people lost the Soviet Union during the 4 years of the war from 1941 to 1945. Among the dead were 2 of my great-uncles, they were 21 and 23 years old when they died defending their homeland.

  11. 18:34 I don't believe the rapes were widespreat. It was not ideologically correct. I think it's smth like western propaganda.

    All in all this video is very manipulative. The way facts are told, things that told. And even the way they show numbers. But all in all the main idea is correct. War is a terrific thing.

  12. 11:06 Not only cazualties. You just don't know what really happened in eastern front. America join this war in 1943. After Stalingrad, after Kursk (the largest tank battle ever). USA and UK join after continious soviet counterattacks. Whose army took Berlin? Was it American?

    There is old documentary seriea made by both american and soviet in 1978. called "Unknown war"-
    It's abouteastern front. There is no actors – only original videos from german and soviet video archives.
    Just think about it! Evenin 1978, by 30 years after this terrble war finished – this war became unknown. What a shame 🙁

  13. 07:14 why don't they menshioned that previously German with Poland attacked Checkhoslovakia? Why don' they say that soviet troops went into Poland into 2 weeks after Hitler's attack? Why don't they say that 18 years earlier that territory was territory of Russian Empire and all locals were russian?

  14. I am the grandson of not one, but 2 Holocaust survivors. My grandfather was sent to Auschwitz after his family’s hiding place was found in 1943. My grandmother was sent to Bergen-Belsen after her family’s hiding place was found in 1944. They didn’t meet each other until after they emigrated to the US in 1951.

    In total, I had 70 relatives that were sent to the Concentration Camps. Only 9 survived. My family still feels the effects of what my grandparents went through in the camps.

    Between the malnutrition, torture, and my grandfather being experimented on, my grandparents were told they would never have kids. They were given a fertility medication and had my aunt and my mom. They weren’t told about the side-effects or defects that the kids could have, of which my Mom had all of them. One of the side effects is an enlarged heart and an arrhythmia. Mom lost her battle with that heart condition in March earlier this year.

  15. The siege of Leningrad began on September 8, 1941 and lasted 872 days.  Almost one and a half million people died of hunger in the city.  West and in the USA lie that that Stalin forbade taking people out of the city. Leningrad residents were evacuated, first by rail, then by Lake Ladoga. And in winter they were taken out by trucks on the ice of the lake. This road was called the Road of Life.                                                                                            The worst thing is hunger. Soldiers who fought on the front line were given 500 grams of bread a day, workers of hot shops – 375 grams, other workers – 250 grams, employees, dependents and children – only 125 grams.   107 thousand bombs were dropped on the city .                                                 The real number of victims reaches one and a half million people. In addition to such a huge number of deaths, the causes of death also cause horror: only 3% of all victims in besieged Leningrad suffered from shelling and airstrikes by the Fascist military, and 97% of deaths from September 1941 to January 1944 occurred due to hunger.
    People were going crazy from hunger. There have been many cases of cannibalism. This is the inevitable companion of hunger. It is believed that the first case of cannibalism was recorded in Leningrad on November 15, 1941, when law enforcement agencies detained a woman who strangled a one-and-a-half-month-old daughter to feed three children.              About a month later, the NKVD in the Leningrad region reported that the townspeople eat cats, dogs and meat of fallen animals .

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