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An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts.

Written, directed, coded, narrated by Neil Halloran.
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The Fallen of World War II


  1. "It would be wrong to think that the Second World War arose accidentally or as a result of the mistakes of certain statesmen, although mistakes certainly took place. In fact, the war arose as an inevitable result of the development of world economic and political forces on the basis of modern monopolistic capitalism. Marxists have repeatedly stated that the capitalist system of the world economy conceals elements of a general crisis and military clashes, and that, in view of this, the development of world capitalism in our time does not take place in the form of smooth and uniform progress, but through crises and military catastrophes. The fact is that the uneven development of capitalist countries usually leads over time to a sharp imbalance within the global system of capitalism, and that group of capitalist countries that considers themselves less well-off with raw materials and sales markets usually makes attempts to change the situation and redo the "spheres of influence” in their favor by using armed force. As a result, there is a split of the capitalist world into two hostile camps and a war between them." Stalin, speech at the pre-election meeting of voters of the Moscow city electoral district on February 9, 1946

  2. I totally get that you want to recognize the fallen from this war, but I don't think that you should be using peoples tragic stories, traumatizing experiences, and deaths to get views and likes.

  3. 27 Million Soviets
    20 Million Chinese
    7.4 Million Nazis
    6 Million Jews
    4 Million Dutch east Indies
    3.1 Million Japanese
    2.5 Million Indian Soldiers(under British Army)
    3 Million all others combined

  4. I like all these Russians talking about how the red army didn’t do anything wrong while also forgetting that if Hitler didn’t betray Russia Russia would’ve never been any better!

  5. As usual no mention of the Indian forces who liberated North African , Indo- Chinese and even European territories. Typical western high headedness and exaggerated glory. Feel for the Soviets too, Священная Война- the war which devasted half ( or even more) the youth population of the Russians and innumerable sacrifices on the part of other Slavs and Central Asian countries. WW2 was not about Anglo saxons defending Europe but a plethora of different ethnicities and races doing so. Recognise and acknowledge the fact.

  6. Based upon your questions and reactions what do they teach in schools nowadays? How watered down, diluted, sanitized are the text books, films, teachers lectures, etc are they? Are peoples feelings-n-emotions more important than truth?

  7. My grandfather was one of the nazi soldiers who defended berlin until the last day. He said to me and that was from his personal expirience that the russians had more men then they had ammo, it was unreal how many soldiers they send without a break. Not defending his actions here just saying … get that in your mind, when your enemy has more men then your whole army has ammunition. He said the soviet army was terrifying but they had no choice but to defend or they get shot for treason. So much for nazis had no fear and were no humans

  8. Hey are you German ?

    My mother was a German born citizen along with a few of her brothers and her mother and father ,they were from Schweinfurt ( they were farmers ) in Germany. The whole family moved to Australia ,

    So you could say I'm Australian/German but my mother raised me as an Australian, my German side of the family adopted Australian culture and traditions and they loved everything about Australia ..

    Sad to think in WW2 I had family fighting against family !

    I just think it's cool even after the worst war in history people like my father and mother could still find love ..

    Everyone that fought in WW2 was fighting for peace and freedom , we should never forget that ,

  9. вранья в ролике масса! и самое главное не сказано, война была между системами, капитализм против социализма! вся объединенная европа против СССР и славянского народа, евреи побочный эффект!

  10. Its not that complicated. The Treaty of Versailles was pretty harsh on Germany and Hitler didn't get hurt enough to die from his injury and he was a mad man that wanted to make the World Pay for what they did to Germany in that treaty.
    And because of Hitler Tens of millions of people were killed and Millions more went home with perm. physical injuries that changed their lives and not for the good for most of them Which is REALLY SAD

  11. From a family of veterans, thank you for caring enough to try to understand the horrendous cost of war. May nothing like this ever happen again. As we know, those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it!

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