The Fallen of World War II | British Marines Emotional Reaction

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  1. German politicians planned in 1941-1942 to kill 25-30 million civilians by starvation. The axis plans were to withdraw all food products from occupied Soviet Russia, Soviet Ukraine and Soviet Belarus. Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, and other large cities had to die out from hunger. So the tragedy of Leningrad is more a plan of the fascists than the Stalinist regime.

  2. I've seen some of your videos, and I like that you're really honest about your reactions. And if you know something about the subject, you don't pretend you don't know.
    You have a sub from me I really like your videos.
    Thank you for your service!
    My best regards to you from Sweden.

  3. With the Katyn massacre, it should be pointed out that the killing of 22,000 Polish military officers and intellectuals was actually carried out by the Soviet Union, not Germany. It's not always highlighted that Poland was invited from two sides in September 1939.

  4. almost half of Soviet deaths was a non-military.The Nazis shot, burned many people in the occupied territories of the USSR. A huge number was also destroyed in German concentration camps.

  5. Нас очень много убили и продолжают убивать. Русские не нужны на этой планете. Потому что у нас очень большое чувство справедливости. Мы всем хотим помочь, а нас все хотят убить, даже собственное правительство…

  6. Pretty outdated video I would say.

    By 2019 data:

    Soviet casualties:
    military – 11 444 100
    civilians – 13 684 692
    German military casualties at eastern front – 7 181 100

  7. if the nazis didnt poke the frozen bear or annoy the united states navy for a few more years they mightve conquered the world. Why youd attack a country in the coldest climate in winter who will literally run at machine guns and tanks with pitchforks and whos bodies are 90% vodka or attack the US at the same time is absolutely insane.

  8. Not a big fan of the Russians (sorry I was born in the 80s) however, they absolutely won WWII for the Allies in Europe. They killed or captured the cream of Hitlers army on the Eastern Front bc of Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia. Yes, the Soviets were totally unprepared for it and Stalin killed many of his best generals during his purge in the 30s but once they got their sh*t together they completely overwhelmed and beat back the “fascist invaders”. An entire German Army Group was captured I believe, something like 200,000 men…The Germans lost well over a MILLION on the Eastern Front.

  9. Everybody should understand that Russia because of everything it went through and still continue to flourish as a nation, will do everything it can to avoid any war, and if need be to defend itself no matter what. Every century Russia has suffered an invasion, Napoleon and Hitler tried to invade it, and we know the result. It deserves to be treated with respect.

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