The Complete History of the Second World War | World War II Documentary | Part 1

RIP all those who lost their lives fighting for the future generations, it is our obligation to respect them and make this world a better place.

A huge thank you to Tony Wilkins who helped tremendously on this video. It wouldn’t have been possible without his knowledge and passion.

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  1. Official History

    "Sad but true: when a country wins a war, not only does it automatically acquire full territorial rights over the vanquished nation, but also full and arbitrary control over cities, land, population, resources, plants, patents, military gear, international rights, etc.

    It also acquires the “right” to (re)write the history of the conflict that led them to war in the first place. It acquires the right to impose its own views and reasons as “the truth”, accusing the vanquished country of being “false, evil, wrong, criminal, ambitious,” etc.

    It’s as old as mankind: “we’re the good guys; the others are the bad guys.” “Our boys are heroes; the others are devils that deserve to be killed, right down to the last 2-year old toddler.” As 70 years of post-World War Two propaganda has clearly shown, the 20th and 21st centuries are no different."

  2. Any danger of you Brits actually naming the “commonwealth countries” that were pivotal in your victories and sacrificed thousands or are you just going to claim them as your own?

  3. The copious amount of errors in both pronunciation, and incorrect emphasis as to how words are to be spoken, in the narration make this video virtually unwatchable. Duly is pronounced “doo-ley” not “duh-iey”. London is a city, not a country.

  4. It’s difficult to find a video on the history of WWII without bias or the demonizing of one side while ignoring the factors that lead to the conflict. Rarely is the entire story told. Let’s see how this goes….

  5. Just ask Poland, they joined the Nazi's and killed half of their Jewish population in favor of Hitler and his army.

    Germany's neighbors weren't innocent at all, there was so many monsters who joined Hitler.

  6. My great grandfather was on one of the beaches of Normandy, and we never knew until after he had passed away. He was very proud of his service but he didn’t talk about what he did there and I cannot say I blame him. He helped America stop an awful genocide.

  7. I have so much interest in the second world war and I think it started listening to my grandparents stories. They had to spend their teenage years fighting in the war my grandad was part of the D day landings as a tank driver and was hit by a shell and watched some of his crew die and I don't think we can ever fully understand what they went through on all sides

  8. This is like a high school essay. The junior-sounding voice of the narrator makes it sound like that. It uses standard footage, which has been seen zillions of times.

    This is the standard zionist story.

  9. I seriously wished that only if Britain had lost many other countries would have been more developed if they didn't steal all their resources I seriously wished the countries looted by the British Empire should've joined forces and screwed them bought them down to the ground

  10. The history of technology during this period is fascinating and depressing at the same time. Man is capable of great things when they need to be, but the motivation for advances is always terrible and comes with a massive cost.

  11. This documentary is the most exquisite thing I have ever heard, honestly brilliant, couldn’t have wished for more, my favourite area in world history and you have nailed it, thank you for this amazing documentary.

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