The Brutal Conditions Of WW2's Eastern Front | Battles Won And Lost | Timeline

As the war in the Pacific escalates, the Japanese have already established a foothold in mainland China, Singapore and Indonesia. However, the Australians prepare an offensive to drive the Japanese back…

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  1. The first 4 minutes an absolutey PAIN to watch. Hey…we are not all Millenials with attention defiicite order, we like to watch clips lasting more then 0,3 of a second. OK?

  2. Не вам судить
    Воевать вы никогда не умели
    Как только на перл Харбор скинули пару бомб,вы стерли с лица земли 2 города вместе со всеми жителями
    Ничего хорошего от вас мир не видел
    Только плачете все время

  3. Pretty well made video, but the b roll of guys putting chips on a map then puffing up their chests like "what are you going to do about THAT chip!" is laughably bad and totally distracting. Just have arrows on maps to show strategic movements, no need for the comical actors

  4. 33:19 In 1941-42, the artic convoy system worked. Out of 103 ships only one was lost
    33:39 In 1942, the artic convoy system fell to pieces.
    33:45 Of 533 escorted merchant vessels, only 69 were lost to enemy action.

    Perhaps you should consider hiring a professional editor to proofread your narration. It is completely schizophrenic.

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