The Biscari Massacre, U.S. War Crime (World War II)

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Massacre at Biscari: Patton and an American War Crime
James J. Weingartner
The Historian
Vol. 52, No. 1 (NOVEMBER 1989), pp. 24-39


  1. Allied Strategic Bombing Command always gets a free pass. I guess since they were innocent civilians in the hundreds of thousands it doesn't technically count as a war crime.

  2. You do know that i do not hate American and Serbian women and girls, right? You do know that many Muslim girls were raped in the most brutal ways in Bosnia and Iraq,right? All this must be investigated,look deep into all this, American military and the government has done so much evil and i wish my brothers would do some of the Serbian,American girls,since the AMERICAN government ruined my LIFE!!!! ONE OF THE CRIMES IS AGAINST ME ALSO,thanks to the fbi and cia. I want justice for me and other VICTIMS.

  3. Another interesting fact is that Patton thought making his soldiers "killers" who wouldn't take prisoners would make the enemy fight less. It's actually the opposite, as enemies are going to fight much harder if they think they are going to be tortured or killed upon surrendering.

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