The Best Aircraft Nose Art from World War II – Telling their Stories – Ep 1

In my new series Nose Art Stories (Episode 1), we will be looking at some of the best aircraft nose art from World War II and telling their incredible stories. This was made using the World War II flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles series. Hope you enjoy! Please like, comment, and subscribe. In this first episode, we will cover “The Blond Angel”, “Little Lady”, “Big Dick”, “In the Mood”, and “Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby”. Huge shoutout to Fly Platypus for the awesome moving nose art visuals used in the intro! Here is his channel, go check it out!

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  1. Nov Schmoz Ka Pop? which crashed on 12 July 1944 was the strangest name I encountered in the 764th US Squadron of B24 Liberators in which my uncle was a bombardier on the Swee' Pea which was shot up but made it back with a particularly harrowing crash landing using parachutes as brakes, on 25 July 1944 at Toretto Airfield, Italy.

  2. The are a couple of planes I used to see at air shows back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the B-17 Sentimental Journey and the B-25 Executive Suite. I’m not sure if they would count if you are sticking only to planes that served in WW2. Another good story to cover would be the P-61 Lady in the Dark. That plane scored the last kill of the war.

  3. I would call my Mustang "Luftaffe"
    (a winged monkey, probably wielding a lightning bolt or 2)

    a pretty easy game with German words in a HUGE war, so if somebody did it for real, I am not surprised.

  4. One of my favorite examples of nose art was flown by Tokyo raider Ted Lawson. " The Ruptured Duck" had a classic Disney inspired art with Donald Duck wearing the classic leather aviators helmet, and the crossed crutches adding to the humorous motif.😄

  5. Though the pilot of Big Dick scored 4 air to air kills, I noted 9 swastikas emblazoned on the canopy frame. Did other crews fly the same airframe to run up that tally, or is that a rendering error?

  6. I have seen multiple aircraft with the same name such as "all American" a b17…and a b24…question…Were crews allowed to have planes of the same name?

  7. The B24D WONGO WONGO the 512 Th BS 376th BG went down in Romania 🇷🇴 operation tidal wave august 1943. No survivors the art is great more mean and intimidating then sexy. I love just about all the art and hats 🎩 off to the people who painted it..

  8. love this series hows about either the air apaches in the pacific flying B-25s or Wulfhound a captured Boeing B-17 that was flown by Kg 200 of the Luftwaffe during World War 2

  9. My father flew 65 missions in B-26's out of England then France. I have a picture of him and his crew in front of a Marauder that had "Sure Go For No Dough" and a rather naked lady for nose art.

  10. Balls out! P-47D-30
    The dragon and his tail B-24
    Cherokee strip B-24
    The Bug P-47
    Ave Maria B-25
    Straight flush B-29
    Seeman Bf-109G-6

    There are tons of aircraft

  11. My Dad was on the crew of a B-24 Liberator in WW11 and has a placque in the mighty 8th air force museum in Savannah wher I reside. Their plane was "Dirtie Gertie" and had a bate chested pretty lady as their nose art. My Pop passed at 92 6 years ago. A true hero and great man! Thanks for showing these!

  12. That Was Interesting, Especially About Shoo, Shoo, Shoo Baby. I Just Watched 'The Best Years Of Our Lives' (Again). You Old Guys Like Me Would Understand The Connection.

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