The Americans that fought for Germany in World war II

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With World War II rapidly approaching, there was a call for the Volksdeutsche, – people of German heritage outside the Reich to return home to the Fatherland and help defend it.

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  1. The British did similar during the first World War. The royals changed their name from Saxe Coburg to Windsor and the Duke of Wellingtons tomb, which had the names of all of the regiments that served under him during the Napoleonic wars, had all of the German regiments (like the Kings German Legion and the Black Brunswickers) removed.

    Apparently at Waterloo 1/3 of the British army was made up of Germans.

  2. My German-American grandfather, who had served in the U.S. Army as an NCO and later as a lieutenant, was called a "Hun" by some jackass. My grandfather laid him out.

  3. My great grandmotherโ€™s parents came to Salt lake from Berlin in the late 1910โ€™s or early 20โ€™s and her siblings were very little when they came over and my great great grandmother spoke broken English and usually spoke German around the house and around the time my great grandmother started to go to school her parents told to not speak German outside the house and only when she was at home because she would have been ridiculed if she spoke German and they had to anglicize their name from Reich to Rich to fit in more with Americans of the time. I tried learning German to keep the peace of heritage so I asked her if she could tell me some words and she had forgotten how to speak German because she didnโ€™t have to speak it for so long

  4. America first, huh? That sounds very familiar. Our American values are under threat. Pay attention to the Russian agents (Tucker Carlson). They want you to be confused about what we stand for. FYI, we unite!

  5. Gotta LOVE that last sentence:
    "It was not just from America but also from all over the World,though most likely in very small numbers!"
    If 10's of MILLIONS is a small number then YEAH! A VERY SMALL NUMBER INDEED! ROFLMAO!!!

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