10 Most Incredible Discoveries From WW2!

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9 Most Incredible Discoveries From World War 2!

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10 Biggest Mysteries From World War II That Have Finally Been Solved!

From submarines that went AWOL for decades, to strange blocks washing up on the beach in Florida, here are 10 mysteries from World War II that took decades to solve! Subscribe to American Eye #mysteriousdiscoveries #biggestmysteries #finallysolved #americaneye

5 Creepy Supernatural World War 2 Events

From 1943 to 1945, Germany undertook a plan to construct seven massive structures underneath Poland’s Owl Mountains. Code-named Riese, the German word for Giant, the excavations were never completed. Their real purpose remains a complete mystery. Some historians believe that the purpose was to create heavily fortified headquarters for the Fuhrer himself and a small… Continue reading 5 Creepy Supernatural World War 2 Events