[HOI4] World War 2 With World War 1 Borders

Little timelapse if Germany had ww1 borders (fast answer they will lose really hard at the end) Remember to live a like & subscribe, please i am underpaid, i just play hoi4 for everyone entertainment πŸ€‘πŸ‘ βœ… Join the Discord: βœ… Subscribe: #shorts #hoi4 #ear7th

Mr Incredible becoming Uncanny Live (in a Country during World War 2)

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The most galaxy brain strats from World War 2

Play Conflict of Nations for FREE on PC, iOS or Android: Welcome to some of the funniest World War 2 strategies we could find. This includes the plot to turn Hitler into a woman, the wooden bomb prank, the fleet of inflatable tanks, and the Infamous operation Mincemeat. Twitter: Patreon: Reddit: Join my discord server:… Continue reading The most galaxy brain strats from World War 2