Sabaton – World War Two (Playlist)

All 21 parts of the Sabaton playlist “World War Two” in a correct order and with some historical information. Rise of Evil Wehrmacht 40 : 1 Talvisota White Death Ghost Division Aces in Exile Coat of Arms Wolfpack Midway Unbreakable The Final Solution Stalingrad Saboteurs Panzerkampf Union (Slopes of St. Benedict) Primo Victoria Uprising Screaming… Continue reading Sabaton – World War Two (Playlist)

World War II – A Short Documentary

The second world war was the most brutal conflict in human history. Over 50 million people perished, mostly civilian. This short documentary attempts to explains world war 2 in a comprehensive yet relatively brief way. It is by far the most interesting video i have produced to date. Please Like the video, share the video,… Continue reading World War II – A Short Documentary