ww2 German Metal Detecting – Relics from world war two!

WW2 military Relic hunting – part 4 SONG !! Philter – Untitled German WW2 Relics Found By German Barracks in Norway. 7.92×57 German 98K Mauser ammo. German Chess parts. Captured using the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR with the Canon 24-105 (1:4) prime lens.

Hidden HATCH discovered in WW2 FOREST!

We explore some woods that have seen heavy fighting during WW2. There are many forgotten WW2 treasures still to be found here. Also we discover a hidden hatch that might originate from the war period. Find us at Website: Webshop: Instagram: Patreon: Metal detecing course: Donate to our cause and help save WW2 history: This… Continue reading Hidden HATCH discovered in WW2 FOREST!