Unboxing Classic World War 2 LEGO Minifigure parts and Tiny Tactical Weapons!

I got another package from Twovevo on Instagram since he was selling some really cool stuff, and in this video I open it up and see what I got! Among the coolest items are some old dark gray German WW2 torsos from Brickguild toys, and a ton of cool Tiny Tactical stuff.

Top 10 Epic LEGO World War II Creations!

Top 10 Epic LEGO Star Wars Creations: Top 10 Epic LEGO Marvel Avengers Creations: TIME STAMPS – Siege of Bastogne by Elliott Atkinson, Hunter Erickson, Erik Platt, Greg Suhr, Ethan Johnson, Chatin Atillasoy, Rob Herberger, Greg Bible, Yasser Mohran and Nick Loper. – 13:42 D-Day Omaha Beach by Brickmania – 25:15 Itter Castle by Andrew… Continue reading Top 10 Epic LEGO World War II Creations!