1.5 Million Spartans Vs 20K World War 2 Units Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 UEBS2

Team 1 Spartans 1,500,000 Team 2 American Soldiers Shotgun 16,000 American Soldiers Assault 3,000 Sherman 600 Thanks To @brilliantgamestudios ADD TO WISHLIST ☝️ #uebs2 #warfare_gaming

Hidden HATCH discovered in WW2 FOREST!

We explore some woods that have seen heavy fighting during WW2. There are many forgotten WW2 treasures still to be found here. Also we discover a hidden hatch that might originate from the war period. Find us at Website: Webshop: Instagram: Patreon: Metal detecing course: Donate to our cause and help save WW2 history: This… Continue reading Hidden HATCH discovered in WW2 FOREST!

We dig a WW2 Bunker and find LOADS of relics! [Battlefield Recovery]

We worked closely with the Latvian war museum, and ALL finds were documented and handed over to the museum. I camp in a Haunted WW2 Bunker: ★★Check out this other World War Two Stuff!★★ ★ World War Two the definitive visual guide: ★ World War Two Infographics: ★ World War Two in Colour – Complete… Continue reading We dig a WW2 Bunker and find LOADS of relics! [Battlefield Recovery]

Блиндаж "Засада" / World War II battlefield relics

Поддержать финансово – Help for the channel – Канал Фарита – Металлодетекторы, катушки, рюкзаки, пинпоинтеры, скупы, магниты и т.д. любых фирм по ссылке – Кодовая фраза “Война в болотах” дает приятные скидки на все товары! Магазин металлодетекторов и комплектующих фирмы XP № 1 в России – More photo here: Связаться с нами: Почта – diabolo19969559@gmail.com… Continue reading Блиндаж "Засада" / World War II battlefield relics

World War 2 Movie 〽️ Battlefield 〽️ latest action Movie in English

World War II or the Second World War, often abbreviated as WWII or WW2, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. It involved the vast majority of … 👉🏻Guys 🔴 Please Subscribe to my channel And turn on the notification bell 🔔 🔴MUST WATCH▶️ 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺

World War 2 – D-Day in clay

THE ALLIES! – D – Day (Pilot) Pvt Dave Monday lands on the beach and fight his way up to a German bunker. Subscribe ► Made by Twin Tales Follow us on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook – Voices by: Stephen J. Pena Maurquice Straughter Jamie Norwood Gianni Matragrano The Eighth Hour