VIDEO ASLI!!! PERANG DUNIA KE – 2 | World War 2 | Battle of kursk

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Evolution of War: WWII Cinematic Timeline (1942-1945)

Part I of WWII (1937-1941): WWII Timeline from 1942 to 1945. I do not own any of the clips or music I used in this video, all of the rights go to their respective owners. The content of this video does not represent my political stance in any way.

Battle of Kursk 1943 – World War II DOCUMENTARY

After the defeat at Stalingrad ( and the loss of the 6th army, German Wehrmacht needed a decisive victory to get the initiative back and turn the tide of the World War II. The concentration of the Soviet troops around the Kursk salient offered that opportunity and Hitler ordered the operation Citadel with a goal… Continue reading Battle of Kursk 1943 – World War II DOCUMENTARY

Best World War 2 Documentary Ever!!

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