Slovenia during World War II (1941 – 1945)

Slovenia during the Second World War. What happened there? Slovenia was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (known as Drava Banovina). After the German invasion of Yugoslavia (1941) Slovenia was partitioned by the Axis: the Hungarians, the Italians and the Germans. In the Italian zone the Slovenes set up the Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation (OF) and its armed branch were the Slovene Partisans. There was also collaboration: the Italians set up the Anti-Communist Volunteer Militia (MVAC / White Guard) to combat the partisans. Later the Germans set up the Slovene Home Guard. The Yugoslav partisans liberated the country and the last battle occured mid-May 1945: the Battle of Poljana.
History Hustle presents: Slovenia during World War II (1941 – 1945).


– Hitler’s New Disorder. The Second World War in Yugoslavia (Stevan K. Pavlowitch).
– War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, 1941–1945. Occupation and Collaboration (Jozo Tomasevich).

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“Devastation and Revenge” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. It's hard t understand these topics without understanding the genesis of modern nations in the 19th century. It wasn't always as natural to believe a nation is built on language. People from Maribor area, not only German speaking population, always felt more close to Austrian Steiermark than to the Serbs. And this is an important information, information you left out. Hitler was accepted with joy and honour, when he came to Maribor. Not only, once again, by German speaking population.

  2. We have such a tough history as a nation… The divide between those who opposed the Partisans and those who supported them is still visible today. But I simply can’t believe that there are so many ignorant people out there today who support Hitler and his actions even though he sent hundreds of thousands of Slovenes to die in concentration camps… truly unbelievable

  3. I am from slovenia and you covered the topic perfectly. I would only corect you obout saying out citys names corectly😂 i had a good time loughting on that. Allso a fun fact. There were obout the same numbers of slovenians killed by italians and by fighting of partizans and white army

  4. A Slovenian here. It was Tito, who did not want allies to come to Slovenia, so he and his OF (Communists) would have control over these lands. Much later, just around Slovenia gained independence (1991) we found out what happened to the surviving 15k of Domobranci after the war ended (name meaning dom=home, braniti=to defend; reffering to communist violence), they were all killed in mass graves without any trial and without anyone knowing. All the graves haven’t even been discovered yet. Not to defend any side (I believe all violence is bad and wrong), but I think the communists used the opportunity to seize power and clericals made a big mistake joining the occupator. Even now, we are divided in Slovenia in the two poles, sadly left still majorly controls the media, school system and law via ex communists and people’s belief from communist brainwashing from 1945 onward. We had a little october revolution in Slovenia after 1945, without the right side having any chance to fight. Violence breeds violence and “winners” write the history.

  5. It shouldn't be forgotten that slovene resistance against nazi occupation was also important for the austrian resistance against the regime, and slovene and german austrians partitioned in partisan actions in hinterlands of carinthia and styria as well as 'foreign battalions' in the yugoslav forces which fought off the nazis in the last war year … Wrote a Long essay on austrian resistance against the nazi regime, and the significance of support and actions of slovene resistance fighters was lined out by austrian historians, as well as in the context of support of united german and slovene resistance movements and partisan actions in the whole area of southern Austria, where in carinthia people were/are a mix of german and slovene speakers

  6. Im Slovenian and ww2 was more brother war, during ww2 Comunists before war and after war killing Slovenian civilists, Beacuse of that Home guard made, Home guard was made 1943 they have enough comunist terror and they were with germans Beacuse of the rifles, Slovenian comunists kill more than 50 thoudan slovenians, in kočevski forest you have evidence, more than 80%were Slovenian civilists, and partisan comunists first kill partisans hwo arent were for comunism, so OF is bad, I respect original partisans not comunists and I know a lot of People hwo have ancestors from Home guard and they are most patriotic People I know, so my respect is for Home guard and original partisans, if comunists don't killing inocent slovenian civilists more than 50 thosand slovenian were be Alive. Ww2 was for Slovenians more brother wars Beacuse slovenian comunists killed more slovenians than getrmans, very sad

  7. On the other hand, to the Germans Slovenes were, and are (protected in 1990-1995), cousins (of course Uiberraither meant they had to be germanised, but Rainer did not. Not even the holocaust devil Globocnik, whose father carried the name Globotschnigg)

  8. I say this in class and it is not on files or archives… wow.. incredible. There was, at least in the Italian nationalistic portion at the border not of mixed heritage, and in Rome (another planet from the Northern Adriatic) a sheer racism towards Slovenes totally equal to the German anti-jewishness, (see holocaust of Slovenes in that terrible Isle) . Older than fascism per sebl, which is quite international. More of the sort of D'Annunzio nationalism. "Slavic" in Italian for those people as a synonym of Slovene was exactly the same as "N*gger" and "Jude!"

  9. Moreover it is quite incredible that nice Slovenes today speak Italian and have not the attitude of the descendants of exterminated peoples towards Germany: the Italian version of the Holocaust is in a small isle, where all the families of partisans or discriminated locals were starved to death. By the royal italian army.

  10. Domobranci, gathering retreating Croats & Serbian SFK were ready to shoot at the Western Allies. Pro Western Peterlin was deemed a traitor. Rupnik's Domobranci & a local artist spoke & wrote in Slovenian, but this was not in the tiny part who became nowadays Austria.

  11. Hello, I love History and your channel is very interesting because there a lot of details and the format is excellent. I like and I subscribe, greetings from Switzerland.

  12. Annexation of the territories of Kingdom of Yugoslavia was in fact a partial restitution of Austro-Hungarian borders based on the ethnic communities living provinces.
    Hungary annexed 3 provinces: Prekomurje out of Drava Banovina, and Baranja( southern Barania , northern in Hungary) and Backa ( southern Batcha, northern in Hungary) out of Dunavska (Danube) Banovina.
    All had large Hungarian communities.
    Simular happened in the Romania with provinces of Transilvania and Cluz.
    All the liberations in the Slovenia happened shortly before the capitulation of Hitler's Germany, in May 1945.

  13. Medjumurie/Murakoz always belonged to the Hungarian Kingdom, the Drava river was the border with Croatia. The year 1920 dictates from Paris/Versailles/Trianon dismembered Hungary, so in 1941 Hungary took back exactly and only that much territory which was its rightful part, this wasn't a conquest. The Slovens were never discriminated as the documentary pointed out very well, and many welcomed the end of the Serbian/Croatian rule under the slogan of Yugoslavia.
    The biggest part of today's Slovenia was a region of Austria before 1919, known as Krajina, the Slovenian folklore resembles closely the Karinthian, Tirolean one—the coastal region was part of the Republic of Venice, so history didn't start in 1941 with borders drawn twenty years ago…The Slovenes were the first to declare independence from Yugoslavia in 1992, so the story with the partisans, well…Churchill wanted to land in Dalmatia instead of Normandy, to cut the Soviet advance, the SU was eager to crush Germany on the plains and occupy Berlin, so the more mountainous land was more difficult to conquer than the flats, so by the time of Germany signing the unconditional surrender—a big part of today's Austria, Slovenia, Czech republic, Croatia etc was under German military control

  14. Sir, your knowledge of what happened in Slovenia is blatently ignorant. I don't know who is paying you for your propaganda. First of all, you fail to mention that Slovenia was betrayed by Great Britain in the First World war. As a result of Italy joiining the Allies in WW1, it promised Italy territories it had no business to occupy, namely the Primorska Region, Istra, and several Croatian Islands. This is the very colonial empire, UK, Italy, who killed off natives in North America, and in Africa respectively. Your knowledge causes me great insult, go back to wherever the hell you come from! More than 300,,000 Slovenians in the Primorska area, were forced to join Italy after WW1. My father and his family lived through this hell. They were forced to change their names, Slovenian language was banned, a true genocide occurred- and where was the world, the western powers, nowhere to be!! My father had to endue concentration camps, as a teenager in Italy and Germany. His brothers fought the occupiers and eventually threw them out. Justice was served at the end of WW2, when the Parisans executed top Nazi officials . They should have shot all of the occupation troops. Collaborators went scott free with the help of the Vatican, to the US, Argentina, Australia, Canada, to escape justice. So western countries indeed, collaborated and did nothing to prosecute war cirminals from Slovenia, Nazi Gerrmany, Fascist Italy. This is the kind of Europe that has denied justice to its victims… Don't l;ecture or spew your hiding of the truth pal… Your Dutch were very guilty of collaborating with the Nazis during WW2. … I speak out against you, becasue you did not live there, you did not experience anything and therefor, you have not told the truth… I don't give a shit, ban me, I would rather tell the truth than hide behind your half truths and lies about the country…

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