Secret German Tunnels from World War II Discovered! | Expedition Unknown

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  1. For a second I thought this was the tunnel that those kids found in that video when they dropped the GoPro down on a string and found a massive underground area.

  2. He goes where things have already been found, shows an overblown amount of excitement, he had to know what was down there already, because he said, "we're two thirds of the way there". All he does is have a passion for travel, and someone provides the means. Never really finds anything.

  3. I have no idea where this guy gets his money I would assume The Discovery Channel to film these unendingly lame tons of nothing television programming.
    I find his dramatics worse than childish, his shows content would be AWESOME if I was in the 3rd grade and that's pushing it.
    I grew up with The Discovery Channel this one they blew it. It's sad.

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