Rape and Cyanide Suicide: Battle of Berlin, Soviet Invasion World War 2: Ep 2 | The Last Battle

Based on the accounts of Cornelius Ryan, we examine the accounts of rape against Berlin women during World War 2, by the Soviet Union’s Red Army of rapists. We also look at plans of suicide, cyanide pills and the atrocities committed during World War II; shedding light on soldiers raping women since the beginning of wars
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    ❀️ We examine General Gotthard Heinrici who is heading to the secret Nazi Headquarters of Zossen, called Maybach 1 and 2. His life history, his half Jewish wife, the role he played in Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union and much more! ❀️

  2. I see where you're coming from but war is never fair. These are indeed war crimes but to put this entire war under a microscope, every side was wrong. As war goes it never changes.

  3. At this point, I m convinced there is organization behind this propaganda pushing even labelling Soviets as rapists of WW2.Soveit troops did raped women along the way to Berlin and mass rape occured in Berlin.
    I see articles about Soviets' rape crime but never allies'.American and Australian troops were rapists of WW2 as well by this logic.American liberation of France came along with rape.A french guy after WW2 said,"When German soldiers came, we had to disguise as woman.But when American soldiers came, we had to hide our women."Much to the ashame of defeated French.
    American and Australian troops raped Japanese girls day and night for months.A 16 years old Japanese girl arrived at hospital unconscious as result of raped by twenty Australian troops.American GIs came to hospital with two jeeps after duty and started raping nurses and patients as well.A new born baby was snatched from its mother and thrown out to the floor and mother was raped.Baby died.
    Japanese government knew ally troops are going to rape girls and women so they came up with a plan of opening free brothels for ally troops.Later it was ordered to close by American officer for ethical reason but actually it was because sexually transmitted disease spreading among soldiers.Then mass rape occurred.A Westerner living in Japan at that time later said he heard Japanese girls asking for help at near hills everyday.American soldiers would kidnapped Japanese girls and raped them somewhere.

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