RAHUL SUBRAMANIAN – World War II | Stand Up Comedy | Reaction by Jaby Koay & Steph Sabraw!

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  1. Genges Khan, stalin and hit ler getting mentioned for geno cidal toppers. Meanwhile Mao Zedong is crying even after Topping the list for not getting mentioned
    Winston Churchill still not getting consolidatory mention

  2. Franklin Roosevelt was NOT the winning captain. He died ( retired hurt) mid way. It was M.S.Dhoni aka STALIN who promoted himself early and stayed up to the finish, hitting the winning six ( raising the flag on the Reichstag).

  3. One thing you need to understand that talking or joking about Adolf Hitler, Jews and the World War 2 is not that taboo or scandalous to Indians because our history or our country doesn't share any sentiment to it. We were having our own Independence struggle with the British and Indians have an equal share of persecution, bloodshed and oppression at that part of time. So it's easy for us to joke about and it doesn't affect us.

  4. I don't think so, wars are fought because of conflicting interests. Just crossing border doesn't cause wars, invasion does. I don't think wars will ever cease to exist.
    (Mao zhedong has also killed a lot of people.)

  5. Jaby you are a good man, but educate yourself about how horrible Hitler and Germans were against their fellow human beings. It has no parallel in known human history. He killed Germans who were jews, see the irony. If Germans could not tolerate white jews, imagine how they would have treated others.

  6. i Find it quite amusing how the AMERICANS easily title ADOLF HITLER as a tyrant when their own NATIONAL LEADERS have continued on the legacy of killing right from HIROSHIMA NAGASAKI to VIETNAM , LIBYA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN , SYRIA, KOREAN PENINSULA and even the NATIVE AMERICANS some of which is still going on. and even those who do argue that he (HITLER) was not the only one who committed atrocities draw parallel with GHENGIS KHAN and STALIN but tend to forget about WINSTON CHURCHILL ,GEORGE W BUSH etc.

  7. The concentration camps were industrial zones which were built to produce supplies for Germany's war effort and research and development efforts under Adolf Hitler. Jews were used as slave workers for those factories. The old, sick and the infirm, who were judged to be incapable of working in the factories were killed off. It was only around 1944, by which time The axis started losing and Hitler became more aggressive and erratic, they started killing all the Jews, regardless is they were healthy or not, out of sheer spite. It is when the actual Holocaust that we are taught in History happened.
    If you compare, the Nazi treatment of Jews was not much different that the Western Colonial powers, a.k.a the Allies, did with their plantation slaves. The slave workers were taken to plantations to work for their masters. The old, infirm and the sick would just die off because they were not provided with basic hygiene and healthcare. They were treated as lesser human beings and suffered tortures and rapes. The only difference with Holocaust is, Nazis did it more efficiently and on a much larger, industrial scale.
    Much of the Allied war leaders who fought and won against Adolf Hitler in World War II, be it Americans, Brits or French, were themselves or belonged to families that owned and operated these plantation estates. So, it might be a bit rich to say these guys were the heroes and Adolf Hitler was the biggest villain in human history.

    tldr; (because it's internet): I am not justifying Holocaust. I'm just making an academic observation that History should be taken with a pinch of salt, since much of History that we are taught is mostly propaganda. Good and Evil are just relative and not absolute. πŸ™

  8. Thanks to Hitler the British were weakened and India was able to push back and get freedom. So an evil person in one country may not be treated the same way in all countries. I think Churchill massacred too many indians and could be compared to Hitler. πŸ€·β€β™‚

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