Over 1 Million In Antique Cash Found In World War 2 Stash! #Storagewars #Storagesniper #Grimesfinds

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Justin and Jeana Grimes


  1. How can people be so negative about this video?these are good people showing you how they make a living,Tell Justin what you hate about it I'm sure he will talk to you he doesn't hate the haters he believes in the Lord and has a lot of forgiveness in him I'm an atheist I would tell you to go f___k yourselves.If you don't like don't watch

  2. Seems more like a collector of older relics of the past than a Nazi. There are too many items for just to be personal items. Nice find!! I enjoyed your video. Thank you both for sharing your find. πŸ‘

  3. Y’all know Rob bought all that WW memorabilia off grimes with the quickness lol. Won’t be seeing even %20 of that on the auction lol. Don’t blame him.

  4. Greetings Justin&Jeana. To GOD be the GLORY always. PLEASE be CAREFUL out there getting those treasures. These treasures are AWESOME/PRICELESS. I'm so happy for you and the viewers, too see these and maybe purchase some items. Stay humble and kind always family. Be safe,healthy &blessed always

  5. Im an absolutely huge ww2 history buff, i just recently ran across an original m42 ss (German helmet) in my local pawnshop. It had the period correct stamps and even blood on the leather headliner. Got chills while holding it. It was a beautiful piece of history. They wanted over 2k for it sadly.

  6. There are more Jewish World War II collectors who deal and trade in Nazi memorabilia then there are any other type of dealer I know because I used to speak to them all at swap meets in gun shows the one at the swap meet next to my house the Jewish guy claimed to have had Hitler's hat and was glad to make money off of it that's the reality of the situation you can add anything you want or subtract it doesn't change anything all the Nazi money's not worth squat my dad has a pile

  7. The Lionel train you found are one of the best known πŸš‚ trains. There are not cheap trains. I’m almost 63 years old lady & I have one of these trains sets from 1986. I just found your youtube tonight. Did you say u gave $860 for this unit? This is one of the best locker unit I have watched in a very long time. This is a great locker find. Old photos black & white are at a great demand. People will buy them. Justin do not worry about what other people think about the WW2 items. You bought a locker, the items were in them. Omg the records were amazing!! What drew me to this locker was because it said Dallas. The Christmas vintage decorations were amazing. Keep up the good work. Do y’all have Auctions like many others? I can’t wait until part 2..Keep up the good work!!Terri.

  8. That gold SA 1934 buckle plate pin what ever it is really look at the value of that. In 1934 the SA otherwise known as the Brown Shirts participated in the night of the long knives and were Hitlers security detail prior to the SS and until the SS purged the brown shirts and that part of the party was dissolved. That was all pre ww2 so that stuff having survived until now is insane and could be very valuable to collectors and museums. Dont forget museums buy too it's not just donations. Operation paperclip didnt just bring over engineers and scientists it also brought over doctors too. I suggest once you get it sorted out reach out to another youtuber by the name of Tino Struckman he is a historian and really knows his stuff about ww2. I see SA, luftwaffe and party pins at the very least and very early stuff at that. No doubt it paid for the unit before you get to anything else.

  9. Yes, the Nazi stuff should be preserved. No, someone who claims to be a Christian shouldn't attempt to profit from it.

    Donate it to a museum where it can be displayed in context. Don't sell it to the messed up Nazi supporters. You should be embarrassed to try and profit from it.
    Frankly the fact you got excited about it, rather than disgusted, is disturbing. Please think again and make sure that stuff never goes on the open market!

  10. Look through the books for first editions. They are worth good money. Second and third printings have value depending on the author.
    You have a treasure trove of memorabilia. You're going to make several thousands of dollars in profit. Way to go Justin.

  11. Yes,yes, let's thank the Lord whiteout him we are nothing and I believe you been having a lot of luck lately so I know the Lord with you and the family, GOD BLESS you all enjoy life always.

  12. He was a doctor had nazi stuff and lots of music from Brazil he could have been a German nazi soldier in ww2 that fled to Brazil then later immigrated to the US

  13. I hope you went through the slides. I had a Middle School history teacher who came from Germany and had some real slides of WW2 and consecration camps. The old medical books can also be worth money. There is a lot of Doctors that collect them. Our Dr. displays his old medical books he has collected.

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