Out of Context: How to Make Bad History Worse | World War 2

Churchill was a genocidal maniac. The Japanese were rounded up into concentration camps. FDR let Pearl Harbor happen. When you take history out of context, you can make it say whatever you want – including making bad things worse.

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Thanks to Suibhne for voicing the Churchill Quotes:

David’s Churchill Twitter Rant:

@Ireland is a weekly curated account, during week #309 it was run by “David” who can be found here:

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  1. Recent comments by a congressperson have made my statements on the differentiation between internment/concentration camps relevant again, please see my full statement here: https://www.reddit.com/r/KnowingBetter/comments/c306qb/regarding_aocs_concentration_camp_comments/

    I would like to make it clear that this isn't a defense of all of Churchill's actions – he was an absolute imperialist and undeniable racist. Nor am I defending the internment camps – that was one of America's most shameful acts. Rather, this is a defense of historical context.

    Correction: The segment regarding Internee pay is based on an incorrect source – they were in fact paid an average of $14 a month in 1942 money. However, the point of that segment is to focus in on the added word "measly."

  2. Glad you addressed the Churchill misinformation. Anglophobes and plain Twitter idiots eat up everything they believe. The man was not the bugger everybody was hoping he was all along. 🇬🇧🌏

  3. For a video that tries to correct a false narrative and educate, while I appreciate what you're trying to do, and really appreciate the citations in the description, it sure has an awful lot of mistakes, and a worrying amount of omissions.

  4. Yeah whatever all factors. But no way this lazy old thugs like churchill can be a hero of ww2.(just like gandhi is father of the nation here but most of us know his and his clan's dark reality still cant deannounce him bcoz he is 'The father of nation'.
    All the allegations on him of being racist against black and brown peoples were actually true and infact said by himself, and he was partially responsible for bengal famine no dought.
    U made vids by gathering inf from documentries and reports all made mostly by brits and americans which no doubt are quostinable on how much real fact has been erased jusr make us and brits heroes.
    Face reality!

  5. 'By literal definition, if you try to kill more than one person, that's genocide' – um no? You have to be aiming to wipe out another ethnic group. If you kill your parents, say, that's sure as hell not 'genocide'

  6. Strictly speaking, those Japanese Americans who were US citizens or Japanese Canadians who were British subjects had their rights violated, and many argued that at the time. Under certain circumstances, even that would have been justified, but such circumstances did not prevail. So that was a real sin by the US and Canada. Not a very big one- it's not just "we weren't as bad as the Nazis". It's "we didn't lock them up to exterminate them by the millions or torture them or use them for slave labour, we just locked them up under circumstances that didn't justify that, treated them reasonably decently, then let them go after wasting a couple of years of their lives. And stole some property, not to forget." It's not that it was a little less bad than the Nazis, or Japanese, or Russians, it was so orders of magnitude less bad that it beggars the imagination.
    And for [as I understand, a minority] of Japanese Americans or Japanese Canadians who were ONLY Japanese nationals, they had no rights violated. In the event, and again as some argued, there was no sufficient emergency and it would have been enough to just run counterintelligence ops looking for spies without harassing all those civilians. I agree with that. Panic is never a good motive. But it is legitimate to intern enemy nationals at discretion, and no rights are violated thereby. They are citizens of an enemy country and it is only respectful to assume they might be loyal to their nation. It would be insulting to assume otherwise.

  7. Personally I believe that the dropping of the atomic bomb’s long term effects were more ruthless that it’s instant effects. In a sense, the dropping of atom bombs over a civilian population set a precedent for what is the most powerful weapon on the planet right now. Matter of fact, it’s so powerful that mutually assured destruction has been a hot topic before and since the cold war

  8. Churchill's story is a story of redemption. He got everything wrong in his political career, he is at least partly responsible for starting Britain's disastrous role in WWI, Galipoli, and the disastrous re-denomination of the Pound back on the gold standard after WWI (he claims this a his worst mistake). He got everything wrong in disastrous fashion, but in the end, when his country needed him most he stepped up to the plate and became one of the greatest wartime leaders in history.

  9. I guess you took Indias involvement and Churchill's attitude towards dieing Indians out of context. Also in your effort to defend these horrible people (yes both Churchill and coloumbus) you inadvertently put the values judgement on the lives of people who died because of their action. Shaun has done a brilliant job debunking your whole Japan and h-bomb point and someone else has debunked your point on coloumbus (I am forgetting the channels name). I have immense respect for people who try their best to learn and your channel still puts out great content but I would ask you to actually read through Churchill's actual statements, the Indian uprising was their even before world War II, mostly it was peaceful till jaliyawala baag. Reading anything from Churchill gives you a very good idea on what he thought of Indian people and how racist he truly was. Your whole point on pamphlets is invalid because they were in English which wasn't the language of choice in japan

  10. the us committed one of the worst war crimes in its ok bc they distributed leaflets??????? Bruh and why are you making quips homie 400,000 died and still counting

  11. Hey Mr. knowing better – Making bad history WORSE is by telling lies about history, just like you did. For one thing, FDR didn't "let" Pearl Harbor happen. Are you trying to excuse what Japan did to the USA? Yikes. The bombs which got dropped on Japan were very well justified because the Japanese attacked us directly. But you can't exactly call the bombs any sort of revenge, because those nukes were specifically meant to make Japan give up, and end the war, which is exactly what occurred. But the Left will still, to this very day, make claims that the nukes were not justified. Oh, really? Yeah –
    Now watch those same idiots on the Left blame the USA for Russia's attack in Ukraine. Yes, watch it happen. No doubt there are already a few YouTube videos on the subject, blaming the USA for specifically this.

  12. 30 second in and already has miss information, the leaflets actually was dropped on nagasaki exactly 24 hours after the fat man was detonated there lol

  13. About India, you are expanding on the situation, but in no way are you justifying or rationalising his actions, the situation in India was really bad and you can't shy away from that.

    Anyways, please conclude the World War Trilogy.

  14. famine's were rampant in bengal all the time because the british destroyed the land yield by planting indigo everywhere which even led to revolt in bengal and still took the supplies and led to people suffering if you want me to accept your hitler bad crap then you better accept this because to us indians CHURCHILL= HITLER

  15. I know this video is old but if anyone is watching this and reading this comment, hiroshima was never on the potential targets list. I couldn't find anywhere that said that Hiroshima or nagasaki were on the leaflets, I would either only find "hiroshima was not on the leaflets" or "Hiroshima was supposedly on the leaflets"

  16. Still a US naval intelligence officer having lived in Japan, after being asked, gave FDR a memo pointing out what would provoke Japan into the war ,he mentioned 6 points, those 6 actions had been performed by the US , the last about 15 months before 07 12 41……And the totally injustice done to the most talented and intelligent Admiral Kimmel, speaks volumes….

  17. One difficulty that these exaggerations create is that they put anyone who questions them in a difficult position. You sound, to some, like you are downplaying a crime against humanity, quibbling "minor" details and bypassing the more important point, which can lead to insinuations of bad faith.

    It's a bit like when someone rants about racism and makes a number of valid points but includes a part where they say something like "white people are all racist" – the person who questions this gets accused of having the wrong focus and missing the bigger point, possibly because they are racist – "isn't it suspicious that you're more bothered about that sentence than all the other examples of racism?"

  18. Dropping leaflets before dropping the nuke doesn't make dropping the nuke somehow righteous and morally good. Maybe they were necessary, maybe not; I don't know. I don't know why they didn't drop the bombs on military targets first before then dropping them on the cities either, but I don't care; destroying cities, by any means, is not a good act. It might have ended the war, but the ends never justify the means. And although the effects of radioactive fallout make the suffering and death caused by the use of nuclear weapons worse than conventional ones, it doesn't matter, you're still killing thousands of non-combatants either way. No side in WW2 was innocent of doing this, so don't try to make out that Americans destroying cities is somehow justified, it isn't no matter who does it or its ends.
    Propaganda was frequently dropped or broadcast to enemy cities so it's unsurprising these leaflets were not very affective at getting people to pack up and leave their homes, and considering propaganda threatening more nukes that didn't even exist yet was dropped immediately after… But I guess everyone has a different view of morality so, that's fine.
    Personally I think the using the bombs was a morally unjustified act, but you have a different view and think they were justified so I can agree to disagree with people on this topic.

  19. Sure, Churchill himself and his actions can be understood, but the grander point is that due to Europeans doing shit, the rest of the world got into a shit storm, and I say it fully aware that japan ain't in Europe

  20. Not your best work. I like this channel a lot, but many of the examples in this video are simply liberal apologism, mere Monday morning quarterbacking. I know you are more intelligent than this, perhaps do better in the future?

  21. Concentration Camp (n): a place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities…

    That sounds like the American “internment” camps meet the dictionary definition of concentration camp to a tee. Just because we didn’t take them to the insane genocidal extreme as the Nazis doesn’t mean they weren’t concentration camps (a concept that predated Nazi Germany by decades). We call them internment camps to assuage our guilty conscience, but calling them concentration camps is entirely accurate.

  22. Conversely when you minimize bad behavior You can make it very mainstream. You seem to gloss over the impact of having a govt you have been loyal too… come and take everything thing you have and and force your family into detention for no good reason. You lost me at some concentration camps were better than others? That’s like comparing the Melendez brothers

  23. My 93 yrs Grandfather who just recently passed always brought up at a party this last fall the fdr myth. And he even remembered seeing the newspaper headlines and then said never again. “They had covered it up” he was a teenager at the time and it made its mark.
    Of course my brother immediately gave it a quick google and bam myth busted. Kinda crazy, but from his youth until his death he was always a conspiracy focused, hard right conservative. It didn’t fit his personality either but man you can see how influential that time in someone’s life is if they hold onto forever.

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