Operation Dunkirk | Full World War 2 Movie

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Operation Dunkirk – A band of soldiers must battle their way through Nazi territory to rescue a scientist that could help turn the tide of WWII.

Stars: Ifan Meredith, Kimberley Hews, Darren Hill

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  1. Misleading title! The Americans were not evacuated from Dunkirk. They did not enter the war until December 1940, 9 months after Dunkirk. Britain had developed radar in 1935. The Parachute Regiment, maroon beret, was created in 1944.
    To sum it up this movie is a great American Lie, even bigger than Trump’s lie about the 2016 election.

  2. OK, enough is enough. I sat through 1:20:50 of this steaming pile of dogshit and I simply refuse to go on. A TRAINED COMMANDO during combat runs up to a rifle propped against a tree in a forest "oh, goodie!! A free gun!!". Runs right up to it without an OUNCE of thought that it may be booby-trapped. TRAINED COMMANDOS broadcast NOT ONLY WHERE THEY ARE, BUT WHERE THEY ARE GOING (IN FANTASTIC DETAIL, AND EVEN INCLUDE THEIR REAL NAMES) AND WHAT THEIR ENTIRE OPERATIONAL PLAN IS over an OPEN, UNSECURED RADIO, that ANYBODY can listen to. There are 700-800 things that really pissed me off about this movie (a movie that should have earned everybody involved in its creation a criminal record) that I just let slip. But, what REALLY FINALLY did it for me is when they blow up the bridge and just whack the evil German officer in the head but start shooting at all the conscripts. I mean, REALLY?!?! WHO THE HELL is responsible for writing this 95 minute long instrument of torture?!?!?! Yeah, OK, JUST LEAVE THE (WAAAYYY overdone) EVIL OFFICER…THE LEADER…ALIVE BUT WASTE THE UNDERLINGS WHO ARE LIKE AUTOMATONS…YEAH, OK, THAT MAKES SSSOOO MUCH SENSE!! Otherwise, if you DID kill the officer AND the underlings who would be left to continue chasing and trying to kill you?!? I know the British are known for the " gentlemanly" quality, but isn't giving your enemy in a time of total war all of your plans, locations, strategies, names AND a second lease on life "just to be fair and sportsmanlike and all" going a wee bit far? Seriously, I am truly PISSED that I actually overlooked all the BLATANT ERRORS AND STUPID MISTAKES up to this point! SCREW THIS PIECE OF CRAP MOVIE that was written, apparently, for an audience of 5 and 6 year old deranged boys! I REFUSE to subject myself to one more second of this despicable assault on the intelligence of even the most minimally educated people who watch it. To the writers and directors: I HATE YOU!!

  3. My god, where do you start, how do people get the funding for something as terrible as this. So many errors it is unbelievable! How I sat through 20 minutes I don't know. If you are going to make a war movie, at least research the subject. The Heroes sporting Parachute Regiment caps and it wasn't formed until two years after the film is set!

  4. I first watched this movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime thinking it was the actual Dunkirk (2017) movie and I was super excited. I sat through the movie till the farm house scene when I noticed there was no blood from the barn house fighting. I noticed the CGI was terrible as well. What did me in is when the German officer stood there and shot the bazooka (the British could have easily killed them all during this moment). I had to turn the movie off. I was so dumbfounded and pissed off. I went around telling everyone for years how crappy and terrible the movie was. This went on for years and then just a few days ago I saw the movie "Dunkirk" on Netflix and thought I should give it a try again. This time I noticed how different everything was and it was at this point that I realized the pos movie I was watching before was a different movie hence the name "Operation Dunkirk". Now I'm super pissed off again.

  5. also the arian people were real but they had dark hair medium dark skin and blue eyes. they were killed off by the big eared red headed people that became the caucuzoid man. red headed, and built like a brick house. also the bantu in africa had genetically different blue eyes as they were the original race in africa. think queen of shiba, tall light skinned but not white. through breeding with denizovians they became the africans that are now all over the world. such is with whites. so if you wanna be technical the true master race is a mocha colored skin with thick straight black hair and a slender yet muscular build with low facial hair and blueish green eyes. through eugenics we can achieve this. a human race of people immune to disease, immune to deformation (macular degeneration, diabetes, cancer, muscular dystrophy, etc) where all people are perfect. our bias has led us to selectivly breed causing races and religions, yet abandon all you know and embrace a master race of god men. the original man. the true arian who walked in a civilization devoid of hate and weapons. where to strike down another was to strike down yourself. the riech of love if you will. true peace. where love is the first and only taught rhetoric. i hope you all the ability to understand me. and my hearts intention. ich leibe dich, seig hiel mien Fruende

  6. If you want a movie where you are on the edge of your seat I highly recommend this. What an excellent movie all the way through and the cast is amazing. I highly recommend watching this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it 👍.

  7. 33:53 I'm so Sorry also…I could not watch this '
    The uniforms and equipment just put me off the movie everything looked wrong right from the start I wondered why do these British soldiers in 1940 have American M1 helmets that even the Americans did not get until 1941
    I know I am fussy and it could have been an ok movie but there was no research at all done on any of the uniforms or equipment and I just could not watch it
    Maybe ok for people watching that do not have any knowledge of these things 🙁

  8. Was this filmed for a school project???… The inaccuracies are far too many to list, the Internet isn't big enough… More holes in this film than in a colander factory…. How did I even manage to watch this shite??

  9. Any one notice the American flag in the saw mill barn. Also 9 German’s, not 10. The big guy pretending to shoot out the window and nothing happened from his gun others than the girders from his chops. Also the German’s were shooting at the first floor of the barn and not the second floor. Lol.

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