Number of deaths in the WW2 per country

The greatest war of all time is in turn the one with the saddest statistics. In this comparison I show you the number of victims on a real scale. You can get an idea of ​​how much space the coffins would occupy if they were together.

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  1. The most speechless thing is that the death figures in China and the Soviet Union are very conservative. The number of deaths in the Soviet Union was 196 million before the war and 167 million after the war, a decrease of 29 million, so the death toll was almost 30 million. Compared with the Soviet Union, China’s death toll may be even higher. If counted from 1931, the death toll is approximately 35 million to 56 million.

  2. Reading all these comments here… Everyone has a different version how WW2 had happened… I guess our official history about WW2 isnt that accurate, or simply change from source to source.
    For my part, i didnt even know that there were so much countrys part of it. Its scary tbh…

    We cant change history. But we can ensure that someting like this will never happen again. This is the burden of all children who were born after this tragic war. Our legacy. We owe that to all ppl who lost their lives.

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