Modern Soldier Vs World War II Nazi – Who Would Win?

Nazis- is there anything worse in this world? Well, yes, and that’s Nazi zombies, but luckily we’re not dealing with any master race zombies today. Nope, instead today we’re dealing with the living, breathing variety, in our latest installment of who would win? A modern soldier or a World War II Nazi?

The date is 1941, and the war in Europe is going swimmingly for Adolf Hitler. France is defeated, Britain’s been holed up in its little island kingdom, and the offensive against the Soviets is one stunning success after another.
It’s definitely springtime for Hitler- even though it’s late fall- and in a blitzkrieg of ecstasy the Nazi ruler inspects the secret Nazi labs building a reverse-engineered UFO, genetically engineering blue-eyed blonde-haired master race clones, and of course, a time machine to kidnap Einstein and force him to build a nuclear bomb for Germany.

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  1. Who would win?!? The question shall go unanswered no more!!!! Coming soon… a live, pay per view demonstration of the ultimate battle between Mankinds ever-growing destructive capabilities and the infallible persistence of Nature

    Cockroaches vs tsar Bomba…

  2. Bruh if any of y'all were in the military y'all would know how little combat training most members get especially those in the Navy or Airforce

  3. When I went through the Army's Basic Training, we only had two days of Hand to Hand Combat known as "Combatives."

    And for the Marine Corps, it is called "MCMAP."

    We only had a couple of days of it.

    Both Programs are useless and were only used as Recruiting Tools.

    Our Military needs to study Krav Maga religiously!

    From Boot Camp, all the way up to the end of one's enlistment or career!

  4. When Time Travel would Have Been Possible for Them to Achieve ~ who knows What Crazy Wunderwaffen they could Have Created. Maybe even Carried by The Standard Soldiers.

    The German Tech was for its Time Like Time Travel Already xD but you can't Rely to have god Things when only a Few are in Service and You get Outnumbered on Two Fronts the Same Time 👍🏻

    Just Thinking about STG-44s with Night vision Scope's or Tanks with Similar Devices.
    I Think they could Have Won if Not Attacked 2 Fronts and Packed winter Clothes Xd

    But "URAAAAAA!' ☭ Beats Everything and Has The same Effect as a Stuka Siren 😂

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