1. The true world war 2 crimes were committed against Germany and her people from 1944-1950. Tens of millions were killed and murdered by the so-called allies! Churchill was a war criminal! As was Dwight D Eisenhower! And many others! πŸ‘Ώ

  2. The funny part is when they mention the leaders in war industry, "just as responisable as hitler or goring" meanwhile in the US war industrial complex. Besides that only outcome I wish of 2 ww was return of prussia and silesicia

  3. This is why illegal immigration is bad for us we cannot fix or even make a dent in world's poverty! We have to give people hope they can make a change in thier own Homeland

  4. We as Americans are so fortunate to not have a war with a foreign nation on our Homeland . The aftermath and destruction left in it's wake plus tremendous loss of lives would take decades to overcome. Some people have no idea how lucky we are just to be born here

  5. The begiing is wrong though: Their last bombing was for civilian housing and living quarters with the aim of murdering as many civilians as inhumanly possible. It was called moral bombing even by the Allies.
    But heck, it is a winner's film so they understandalby play down their attrocities.

  6. The "QUANDT" family were also industrialists who used slave labor in Germany throughout the war.

    This same family now has a contract to handle all data of the Vaxx Passport.

    NAZIS will be in charge of your travel, sheep.

    True Story!


  7. 5 million Germans died of starvation and diseases from May 1945 to 1946 , after the Marshall plan was introduced. The Morgenthau plan, was to kill many more Germans in the Western sector, but it was rejected in 1946 and replaced by the Marshall Plans. The Germans in the Soviet sectors did not die at the same rate. For once the US was far more barbaric than the Communists. The US did not allow any food into the Western sector , unless the Germans paid in gold. Slightly unrealistic. The Germans called it ," the hungry times."

  8. Awwwww poor Nazis…. They’re lucky to not have been thrown in the cattle cart. Considering the damage they did to the World…. These bastards got off easy compared to their victims. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  9. I try to ignore the typical English arrogance and condescension. It's something that certain Germans, especially Prussians and academics share with their English cousins. If any correction to the hubris was needed, it was made by the almost compkete dissolution of the British Empire and England's reduction to a small and unimportant province of the Franco-German run EU. Now the English are learning what it is to be a minor country struggling for their independence with a treacherous ruling caste. Germany is also faced with the probable extinction of its national identity, not through war but through the abject surrender to the intellectual ideas which led to that war; modernism and socialism. They started their self destruction long ago with the transformation of the Holy Roman Empire from a Christian Union to a German State and then the Reformation. They end it now by transferring sovereignty to the Great Reset of the New Oligarchs and the EU, and the replacement of their people by Islamists. The only viable long term remedy is to return to the idea of a Christendom, with many different peoples, but with a government more about Christianity than national identity, while still securing that identity. God willing that the next 20 generations see such a solution emerge.

  10. After watching this video, how can Americans and Europeans still push socialism. Are they all that stupid to think socialism will work.These videos should be shown in our high schools in the U.S. and Europe. Those who forget history are doom to repeat it.This also applies to the russians . We must not let the communist to take over again.

  11. The horror of Nazism was that such a talented, rich, and capable culture could turn the tools of modern industry into such a horror show, but once the cancer of hate and arrogance was vanquished, that industriousness brought Germany back into the fold of civilized nations.

  12. Have to tell you dude , I was in Germany in 1964-1970 and the reason they are such a powerhouse today is they have had 70years of hard work and getting on with it, not moaning or wailing, just sheer bloody hard work. My German land lady was in her 50/60s in the sixties and she got her son up for work in the morning then went to work in the fields till 17.30 in the evening, and didn't complain

  13. I believe, whether we accept it as a society or not, these are similar attitudes and processes that need to be undertaken in any of the current situations like Afghanistan. Anyplace where the people have known very little else besides war, serving themselves, hatred, severe injustice and squalor. Whether we want to believe that or not – these same sentences uttered by the host have to be the same attitudes we take when going to war with nations. Whether we think it our role or not , Years of rebuilding in THIS way should be our thought when going to war – this was the way it worked to rehabilitate a people. Its really the same today.

  14. One thing ignored by the narrator. Not all Germans were nazis. Many were anly too glad to see the back of hitler and his cronies. But unfortunately there were also those who wanted the return of national socialist ways. Luckily many of the latter ended up doing the rope drop dance.

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