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  1. Personally, as much as I respect the air effort over Europe in WWII, that theater has been mainly spearheaded by ground forces. In the Pacific Theater however, aircraft carriers and their planes re-defined Naval warfare forever and some of the most important and defining battles have occured between carrier groups. I am most interested in that type of WWII warfare and currently as a jet-only DCS player, introduction of the Pacific Theater is really want would draw someone like me into that aspect of the sim. And at least from a map standpoint, it would not take much, as much of the key battles took place over water. All we'd need is reproduction of battles such as the Battle of Midway and the Solomon Islands. I hope flying a SBD Dauntless from the USS Enterprise and dive bombing the IJN Hiryu or Akagi become a reality one day.

  2. Some torpedo bombers as modules would be really slick.

    An Avenger, B6N Tenzan, etc. for a Pacific Theatre. Hell, maybe even a Swordfish. The Swordfish is probably the most unsung of heroes when it comes to Allied aircraft. It had the most Axis tonnage under its belt than any other Allied aircraft!

  3. If this were reddit I would be downvoted into oblivion but…….It’s obvious ED needs a cash infusion, a big one, so they can hire more talent and push more content. I for one would be fine with a subscription model so they have a more predictable revenue stream. I would even be willing to pay for modules and have maps and assets be in the subscription. I just want it done right. Correct FM, all systems and damage modeled, combined with some optimization (vulkan) and a true dynamic campaign, it would blow away the competition. We pay so much in hardware for a compromise, why not have a monthly if it means this content?

  4. This is the exact reason why I don't use DCS WWII for my videos as there are very few historical matchups that allows for interesting scenarios. IL-2 fills that gap perfectly, just wish it had heavy bombers.

  5. Dude. You were spot on – your tone was perfectly understanding yet asking for what they really need to do.
    Keep it up. Agreed on your take.

    Healthy competition between IL2 and DCS is key to producing the best.

    Love your IL2 videos as well.

  6. I could not agree more. The fact that there are no HE111 or Ju 87 in the Game prevents me to fly escort Missions to England as a German and therefore I dont play the WWII Theatre. Yes, I could defend the Reich with the JΓ€gers, but no HE111 is for me realy a major issue. Lets hope they will give us a reason to fly to England not just to show up.

  7. ED's strategy is backwards. 777 gives maps and assets for free even back seats! Even if giving assets and maps for free would be a gamble for ED it is basically mandated by the competition. As Jensen said… "The competition is making the price."

  8. I think the Mosquito will really open things up. Not going to happen, but a P61 Black Widow multi crew night fighter would be my dream module right now 😁 Would love to see a 262 study level module also, regardless so much potential and so glad DCS prefers quality over quantity.

  9. I would love to see ME262s and the Komet 163. Especially hoards of P51s and 47s swarming outnumbered 262s That’s a battle Id really look forward to.

  10. The experience would be improved touching the anti air ww2 guns, at some point the 88 flak cannon is more accurate than a side wonder. Or the bosfor on the first burst u are already gone like laser beams. A fix on that would improve the experience.

  11. I think they should focus on one theater, for now, to get that on a level full of content and make it super interesting. However, i really do think they started on the wrong theater because there is a HUGE gap in the market namely the pacific theater. IL2 does not have it, War thunder does not (for me) feel immersive enough and the only pacific campaigns are old from IL2 1946. I feel like players have been waiting for a Pacific theater in DCS and IL2 for a long time now.

  12. Even IL2 GB has this issue. No real Russian bombers in the game. Making missions for it and there are no DB-3's PE-8 etc. I love DCS and its focus on flyables. But A.I. servers a very important role in mission creation. Even the jet side is lacking some stuff in the A.I. area. Its growing which is nice though

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