Lego ZOMBIE WW2 / world war 2 apocalypse adventure stop motion

Lego Zombies interactive stop motion
You choose what should be done – watch till the end!
This project 100% depend on the views.
This first Pilot part will be the last part in case it doesn’t get enough attention – so your likes/shares can change everything!

Voices for this project:
– captain – Brian

– “Cowboy” – Matthew Koessler (need voice acting? Contacts:

– Tyler – JedAnimationStudios (youtube:

– Jason – “Frontloaderman” (youtube: )

#legoww2 #legozombie #legosurvival


  1. So guys.. This is a weird but fun INTERACTIVE project. In my plans it should be long story with a lot of different possible options of how it should have ended. But this LONG project can be possible only with your help. So lets see the PILOT video and then with the views it gets I will realize if this channel needs this kind of project or not.

  2. Nice use of the half track, though it would’ve made more sense for them to destroy the enemy tank, standard protocol, don’t let the enemy retake it and use it against you and all that jazz.

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