King Tiger 232 – Lego World War II Stop Motion (4K)

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Bulge, the allied forces continued to advance towards Berlin. As they approach German soil, a lone King Tiger works to fight an advancing column.

All events depicted in this film are fictional. The King Tiger 232 is a made up tank.

You can find instructions to many of our models in this film on our Rebrickable page

King Tiger:

Sherman Easy Eight:

Sherman Jumbo:

These models are available for purchase. By purchasing our moc instructions, we earn a small revenue which helps us create more films in the future.

Some of the models in this film were also made by Brickmania. The minifigures are from Brickmania sticker packs.

Stuff we used to create this film:
– Camera: Canon EOS Rebel, Canon EOS 7D Mk II
– Stop-motion Software: Stopmotion Studio for Mac
– Video Editing Software: Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro
– Visual Effects (VFX): Footagecrate, Action VFX, Action Essentials, Assets found on Youtube, our own VFX Filmed on green screens
– Sound Effects: (SFX) Sound Bible, Zapsplat, Soundscrate, Action VFX, Free Sound Effects, Fesliyan Studios, as well as our own sound recordings
– German Officers: Natural Readers
– LEGO Models: We used Brickmania® Instruction books some of our own mocs for our models

Film Stats:
Around 6,000 individual photos
24 FPS

Produced and created by Twin_Bricks
Thanks for watching!


  1. Thanks for all of your continued support! Please read the description if you would like to know more information about the film. (Press "Show more") We will also eagerly answer any of your questions or comments. Also, we are looking for voice actors in future films. Most likely, we would need English (American) or German voices. If you are willing to or would like to voice act, please email us at Thanks again for watching!

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