Justice Society: World War 2 Review

Justice Society: World War II easily ranks among the best of long-running DC Universe Movies series. It draws just the right amount of inspiration from the source material while also pulling from adventure movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark to spin an entertaining superhero yarn. It deftly avoids the pacing issues that have plagued so many of these movies and manages to take full advantage of nearly every member of its ensemble cast. Clearly, Warner Bros. should be putting Barry Allen at the center of these animated films more often.

Check out IGN’s full review of Justice Society: World War II, the latest entry in the ongoing DC Universe Movies line. The film is directed by Jeff Wamester and features the voices of Stana Katic (Wonder Woman), Matt Bomer (Barry Allen), Elysia Rotaru (Black Canary), Chris Diamantopoulos (Steve Trevor), Omid Abtahi (Hawkman), Matthew Mercer (Hourman), Armen Taylor (Jay Garrick) and Liam McIntyre (Aquaman).

Justice Society releases in Digital HD on Tuesday, April 27 and on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD on Tuesday, May 11.

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  1. Can someone explain why black canary is on the SJA? Is she inmortal? Because she appears in the present (JLA)

  2. Can anyone answer my question. Is this after after Dark Apocalyptic War? Like once Barry is resetting the timeline again

  3. Hourman – keep him occupied for over an hour. It's in the name….way to tell your enemies how to beat you.

  4. It looks like an awesome film, but the art style is really off-putting. I'll have to look into it down the road

  5. Is it connected to the new 52 universe after Barry erased the universe or is it a whole new universe?

  6. Hoping that one of the next DC animated movies is Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

  7. this is not 80's from the past, this movie is about multiverse, other earth, other timeline fyi 🙄

  8. Barry Allen is here because Jay Garrett is not fully be aware of just how much his powers can do. It's as if Barry is showing him new techniques?

  9. Finally a movie in a while where Flash is not just a side character who can only run fast!! They showed his powers very well.
    Loved the movie. Hoping for the same in the future.

  10. LIked the plot but wonder woman looked so weird and barry was ok but his mask shape was weird

  11. It was pretty average. It felt like the plot was going somewhere but halfway it fizzles out hard. Characterization was pretty strong but nothing was keeping it together. And then it just ends.

  12. noticed there are 2 daily planets.
    After Barry exited the speedforce, behind him was a daily planet.
    After Braniac died, Barry talked to Superman, and the Daily Planet behind him

  13. Haven't read all the comments so I'm unsure if this is brought up. The original DC "multiverse" was the silver age Flash vibrating and ending up on Earth 2 with was populated by Golden Age heroes (Original Flash, Original Green Lateran), the JSA. That is part of the base for this movie.

  14. In the Review, you stated that The Flash had “Time Traveled”. The Flash did not “Time Travel”, he was transported to another Earth, and with that being said, This Flash is from an Earth, where there Currently is not a Wonder Woman, cause Flash don’t know who she was, when he first met her. But he recognized Superman.

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