Japan's War in Colour | 2004 Documentary with never seen before films

(c) Japan’s War in Colour (2004), narrated by Brian Cox.

Japan’s role in World War II gets a whole new perspective in this consisting entirely of full color footage, including color films from Japan that were recently discovered. As the visuals of the world war take on a new vivid immediateness, the story of the rise of the militarists in Japan is told through the personal writings of the Japanese themselves. From the first overconfident tastes of victory, to the devastating losses that led to an unthinkable defeat amidst the ruins, the Pacific Theater of World War II is told through the Japanese’s eyes.
It was assumed no color films existed in Japan until the victorious U.S. forces arrived in 1945. Now you can discover the story of a nation at war from its rare color films, plus letters and diaries from those who lived through it. Almost all the material in this color documentary has been recently discovered and allows the viewer to expereince Japanese culture and events from an entirely new perspective. Subject matter includes Imperial Japanese troops in 1931 Manchuria, remarkable domestic scenes of 1930s Japan, preparation for war in 1939, and images of occupation in 1940s Shanghai.


  1. Empire of Japan was most powerful in all aisa because of industrial, military, agricultural,and economy.The imperial japan was the high birth rate during 1930s and 40s and their were very serious to fight because of the ancient samurai.

  2. Today's Japanese deeply reflect on the war, and about 90% of Japanese prefer the United States.
    Because, thanks to the efforts of the United States and the Japanese, Japan has become an economic power and a peaceful nation.

    On the contrary, 90% of Japanese dislike China.

  3. By nature,men are supposed to fight and die if necessary for their country and family if one does not want to fight for his family or country which is under threat of destruction he does not deserve life, the British surrendered 70 thousand strong to the Japanese, what a disgrace to the British empire…

  4. The Japanese thought they were superior to all other Asian people and even thought that Americans were inferior in battle,they had made a serious miscalculation that would cost them dearly,by wars end Japanese cities will be burned to the ground and millions would die, Japan would never be the same again, America would beat them into submission 🤔

  5. Has anyone noticed how all comments regarding Potato Joe's Schemozzle in that country north of Pakistan have been disabled?? Scary Propaganda crap from the "Home of the Brave and the Land of the Used to be free"

  6. The movie is a brainwashing tool. The United States is justice and the Japanese army is depicted as evil. It imprints lies such as the Japanese army forcing the citizens to commit suicide and Japan's reckless war of aggression. He concludes that life is important and ridicules the death of the spirit as a dog death. Without the desperate resistance of the spirits, Japan would have been easily colonized. Do you ignore the fact that the heroes at the end of the Edo period gave up their lives and achieved the feat of the Meiji Restoration? Do we like folks who are cross-legged to the feats of their ancestors and devour their benefits? The value of life is determined by what you do for society. Deny such an important thing and brainwash the masses with lies. Movies are made for that purpose.

    The devil's country made Japan an invader in the United States and buried it with an atomic bomb. A fictional comfort woman and the Nanjing Massacre were created as the indulgence. There is no medicine to put together with the idiot who is deceived by the lie. Japan launched the Greater East Asia War for self-defense and liberation of Asia.

    The truth of the Pacific War
    Nida Korean and Al Chinese idiots. It is thanks to Japan's Greater East Asia War that you can say that you have been released from the white colonies and now have a big face. As a result, Japan killed 3 million people and killed 500,000 civilians in the atomic bomb and air raids. Desecrating the spirit of Yasukuni Shrine against Japan, which has the benefit, and begging for apology and compensation for Japanese descendants are the actions of insects below the brute. shame on you. Even if the devil allows it, God does not allow it to lie to the benefactor. Without the work of the spirits, you would be forever slaves and remain folks who would be forced to lick the holes in the white ass.

    The scenario is written so that Mason will organize all the wars and Mason will win.

    Japan was economically blocked by the ABCD siege and oil was embargoed. For modern nations this means death. If the electric power is stopped, the production line is stopped, and the machines and weapons equipped with the engine cannot be used, the invasion of other countries cannot be prevented. That is why he took the initiative to attack Pearl Harbor for self-defense. That is to raise the fighting spirit of the American people. The United States won and won the best money tree colony, Japan. The United States has become a king who can enjoy luxury by hitting the slaves who earn in Made in Japan, which are produced by high technology. The return of Okinawa to the United States is only a form, and it still effectively controls and colonizes Japan. The suicide bomber fought to the end as a last stand to prevent its colonial rule from becoming harsh. He closed his eyes forever, believing that Japan would be resurrected as long as the Yamato soul continued.

    The Battle of Midway was 1942.6.5, which was an operation to hit the American MTF that came out by attacking Midway Island, but exchanged torpedoes for land bombs for an unnecessary second attack. After receiving a report of the discovery of an enemy aircraft carrier, he converted the land bomb into a torpedo. As a result, the ship was in turmoil, and an American bomber attacked the gap. What was the reason why Captain Tamon Yamaguchi of the aircraft carrier Hiryu ignored the statement that he should sortie with the current armament?
    However, 1942.4.5 The Japanese Combined Fleet is conducting the same operation in the Battle of Ceylon with the British East Indies Fleet. Lieutenant Colonel Fuchida, the commander of the attack corps, who determined that the bombing effect on the ships in the bay was not sufficient, although it caused enormous damage to the ground military facilities on Ceylon Island, contacted the degree of preparation for the second attack. Upon receiving Fuchida's report, Secretary Nagumo ordered the attackers, who had been waiting in lightning on each aircraft carrier, to be converted to bombs and to depart immediately after the first attackers were contained. Upon receiving a report that he had reported two ships that seemed to be enemy cruisers, Secretary Nagumo ordered the attackers who ordered the bombing to be lightning again. The British Army deciphered JN-25, the main operational code of the Japanese Navy, and succeeded in identifying the point code. I learned that Japanese troops are planning to attack Ceylon Island on April 1st. It turned out that this naval battle off Ceylon was a rehearsal exercise for the Battle of Midway, and that the Japanese Navy carried out this operation in order to lose the business. After attacking Pearl Harbor, it was just a misfire that sank an old ship. Why didn't you launch a secondary attack to blow up airport bases, naval arsenals, oil tanks, etc.? Didn't you occupy Hawaii and have an aircraft carrier showdown? In short, this attack on Pearl Harbor was a tactic to offend the American people and raise their fighting spirit. Emperor HIROHITO, his ministers, and Navy leaders were all Mason.

    The cruel white supremacist Europe and America invaded Asia and made it a colony. On the contrary, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and others who had a sense of crisis about the rise of Japan, which won the Russo-Japanese War, gathered together to provoke Japan and shed propaganda that made Japan an invader. , Tried to destroy Japan. The mastermind behind Chiang Kai-shek was these masons, who made them carry out anti-Japanese activities and repeated the massacre of Japanese people such as the Tungchow mutiny case. The counterattack leads to the Shanghai Incident. Japan was trying to build Manchuria and build a royal road. There is no way that Japan could enslave Koreans of the same yellow race or massacre Chinese in Nanjing. If such a thing is done, not only Europe and the United States but also Asia will be turned to the enemy, and Japan will be isolated and self-destruct. There is no reason to commit such a suicide.

    The United States threatened the Soviet Union and dominated the world by dropping the atomic bomb on Japan in World War II. If the communist nation was an enemy, it could have been crushed. The participation of the Soviet Union was decided by Yalta's secret agreement. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States sent Japan money to support the Soviet Union. Where is the hostile relationship? In other words, they are just playing a match-fixing fight in the same hole. In the revelation of the sun and moon god, the evil general (Israel) is hidden behind. The first general (America) and the second general (Russia) pretend to have a big quarrel, and teach the mechanism to make the world a way. The United States is a rogue nation that prints the dollar as a key currency like hot water, exchanges squid and manipulates stock prices, and blackmails with scams and blackmail.

    Japanese, awaken. All of China's nuclear missiles are aimed at Japan. Behind the scenes, North Korea is being manipulated by the United States, which has issued orders to abduct Japanese people and launch missiles. These are part of the Japanese national extinction operation, and Japan will be scorched by a nuclear attack. The United States leads troops around the world and attacks Japan. The Japanese, who are deceived by the deception of Japan-US security, are stupid.

    Humans deny violence and war, but slaughtering cows and pigs and eating meat is not violence or killing each other. It is no use trying to save yourself by dropping the world into a cruel, weak-meat and strong-eating hell world. Humans are killing animals that are calm and unfriendly. Cancer occurs because killed animals take revenge on humans. When the meat you eat becomes blood and the blood turns into cells, the cells have a grudge. Humans cannot stop the habits of murder, adultery, lies, liars, and luxury villains. Carnivorous is an indirect killing. Why is God allowed the existence of evil? It is atonement for human sin by the devil. Disasters, plagues, wars, etc. are punishments. The Japanese savior is sacrificed to atone for the sins of the people of the world. If you do not change your mind by that time and do what you do in line with the will of God, even if you struggle with the suffering of hell, you will fall into a vegetation without the worth of that suffering. Finally, Mason leads the world to World War III. It starts with a nuclear attack on Japan. Are you all ready?

  7. Japan still has not forgotten the specter of militarism, and is preparing to bring another storm of war. Japan is a royal country that should disappear from the earth.

  8. Unfortunately, genocidal thermonuclear WW3 is not too far away, please follow the latest news at "Countdown World News" page of RKK Book website. Humankind has been playing with nuclear fire since 1945, and the bottom line is, if we continue doing so, this fire will consume us one day. Now is the time to turn to God-given wisdom and make the only right step as it might be too late to do so tomorrow. We have responsibility to take a good care of our children and ensure they have a future.

  9. One of the best documentaries I've seen on YouTube thank you! It's ironic that we have in the US mainly Japanese cars are the number one sold in the US we fought them? Behind Korea built cars we fought them? Behind Germany cars we fought them? And now the US is in last place In regards to cars reliability and ownership? Go figure.

  10. It must be a real shock to come back to your country after being away for 8 years to find it totally wrecked and destroyed. Everything was fine when you left………

  11. I miss my grandpa.
    I was only 7 when he passed.
    He would talk to me and tell me about his part in the Pacific theatre while he took me fishing.
    My grandma and dad and uncles/aunts told me he never spoke of his time in ww2 to anyone else.
    Rip grammpa. .Marion Jack Mason.

  12. My Grandfather fought in Okinawa Japan he was drafted in late 1944 and served till after the war he served till 1946 I have a picture of him in his Marine uniform on my wall.

  13. "Deep seated fear of western domination" And look what that domination has caused the world today…This documentary was probably done by a relative of the death march or some event. Also narrator said about Japan during that time being right wing…and guess what FDR was left wing communist and guess who he supported…China and Russia and guess what they are communist/left wing. Guess who threaten the West, Japan and the rest of the world today…China and Russia. Guess who was suspective of communism and Russia…General Patton. Guess who was killed after the war…. I stand with Imperial Japan!

  14. I think the Japanese were both in fear of Westernization and jealous/insecure that they weren't a part of it or the leaders of it all. Those two bombs sure taught them some humility quick, didn't they?

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