It's The Best CoD In Years (Call of Duty: World War 2)

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  1. What CoD needs to do it put out a different type of game with the same CoD feel. I am not trying to ride Bungies nutz over destiny but the idea is great. Even if execution is shit. CoD needs to have a loot based MMO/survival type game. Maybe even more along the lines of the Division. CoD always waste time on short Campaigns where you are lead along by the hand. I think a new style of CoD would be more refreshing than just trying to add a bunch of stolen ideas into the same. CoD doesn’t need wall running and boost jumping. It needs a complete revamp as far as the base game goes.

  2. > Every weapon other than the Bar, STG, and FG-42 is useless and horribly outclassed
    > Map design is god-awful and promotes heavy camping
    > Increased regen rate makes the game even slower
    > Worst hit detection ever

    I just don't get how you can say that the gun balance is great when the gap between the Bar, STG, and FG-42 is arguably the worst weapon balance gap of any CoD ever

  3. Destiny 2 Is the only decent game I've played all year and thats because it's a new experience to me since I'm on PC. It runs fine, the PVP isn't perfect but still fun. This is from a Console centric company making a game for PC that isn't broken or locking content behind a pay wall. Says a lot for the other developers who struggle to make even one aspect of there game any good. Cods unplayable and battlefront went beyond greedy. What a joke of a year for 2017 in the world of multiplayer games.

  4. i thought i BattleF1 was so weal. so i wanted to come back to COD. havent playd since mw4. bf1 is soo much better then this, THIS IS SOO BORING. saving up for new star wars.

  5. In the beta, almost everyone played how they were supposed to. Hardly any camping/shot from behind, playing the obj, etc… now that the full game is out I realized it's not the actual game it's the community. One of the worst communities ever to play with.

  6. It's really weird to hear you say its one of the best COD in years, then watch a BlameTruth video and hear him say the complete opposite. I like to hear both sides of the spectrum. Especially coming from the two (for me at least) "originals" that have done COD content on Youtube for years

  7. The gameplay you chose to praise this game is a 6 man vs a half filled lobby? zzz.. Why not show one of the games with all the flaws and inconsistencies? Ohwait.. that would be counter productive to the praise.

  8. mw2 had at least 9 high quality really good maps this game has 9 maps as a whole not 1 of them is noteworthy of a high quality map like terminal, highrise, scrapyard etc…

  9. I hate treyarch with a passion but bo3 is the best cod on the current consoles ww2 isn't good a week in and people are already fed up with its shit and tired of low quantity mediocre quality maps

  10. Cod 2
    Cod 4
    Forever the Top 3 since they're no longer interested in making quality games in the CoD franchise since people eat the empty promises up every year. Never fails.

  11. i dont like the maps in this game the only 1 i like is the 24/7 map,
    and i like alot of the guns but they feel inconsistent to me like one game they seem awesome the next it does no damage.

  12. Idk if i've just grown up and am more exposed to the community now, but i swear that back in the day there wasn't as much whining as there is now. People have to find a problem with every little thing. I do agree that spawns, servers, and UI is messed up and needs to be fixed. I can perform consistently with all maps, guns, classes so they feel good to me

  13. So far I'm enjoying the game too. I see the netcode is still completely funked. I land shots on somebody first I lose the gun fight, which seems pretty lame and doesn't reward reaction times. Last nights update seems to have messed up my matchmaking too so I haven't been able to join a Lobby.

  14. bo3 definitely isn't a top 5 cod game. it's bang average. cod 4, waw, bo1, mw2, mw3 and bo2 are all far better than bo3. boost jumping is the worst thing ever introduce into cod. codww2 is good but theres really only one wide open sniping map, having wide open maps is what cod4, was and mw2 so good

  15. Most of the SMGs could use more range and literally the most op gun in this game is the BAR every fire fight I get into I’ll rinse the guy and it’ll 2 or 3 shots into me and I’m dead but overall I like the guns spread throughout the game

  16. Buff shotguns, that's all I want. It's ridiculous that 5% of the time I get a 1 shot kill on the double barrel shotgun. I think the combat shotgun is a tad bit weak as well, just a slight damage buff would go a long way imo. Shotgun players have to play so much harder in this game due to the map designs. We shouldn't lose gunfights in shotgun ranges.

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