In 1941, She Was One Of The Deadliest Snipers In World War II

When war breaks out in 1941, Lyudmila joins the army. She turns out to be a natural sniper, and her impressive skills make her stand out. When wounds force her from the battlefield, she travels to the United States to press for a second front.

In 1941, She Was One Of The Deadliest Snipers In World War II
Battle for Sevastopol Movie Recap

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  1. Is it just me or anyone else thinking that Russians and Ukrainians who share such a vast history, 4 Premiers of USSR were Ukrainians and today they are fighting each other. This is such a bizarre situation. Whatever complains Putin had with Kiev's leadership, he should have discussed with them and Kiev's leadership should have listened to them. This war between Russia and Ukraine is silly and I hope both Putin and Zelensky come together and stop this.

  2. Funny fact: the entire story of Liudmyla Pavlychenko was fake and created by totalitarian communist propaganda in USSR. She never took part in fight and none of her "kills" was real. Even independent russian historians like Luba Winogradowa supports that. Movie is based on that WW2 soviet propaganda. Nothing more.

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