1. This is a video making fun in a very funny way of the fact that people on tik tok or social media in general will film literally everything they do and constantly tell people stuff they really shouldn’t be telling. they’ll even film themselves committing crimes and post it.

  2. what a waste, the thought behind the content is quite intruging but the presentation is pathetic… No expression, no feel, looks like he is just doing it for doing sake.

  3. He was the only surviver because Germans thought that he would make many tiktok's like that ,so they left him.😂

  4. " hey guys these guys want me to get in this cool shower but can you guys tell me if I am thick😜🤪"

  5. soldiers are not dumb like tiktokers to do something stupid like this,and I came from a family of soldiers so it's just disrespectful

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