How World War II Created One of the World’s Most Popular Soft Drinks

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  1. Is it just me, or does it sound a bit weird to have the "GmbH" business designation (equivalent to the international "Ltd.") being read out loud every time? I don't know anyone who includes the Ltd when mentioning companies..

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  3. So…a corporation continued its business for profits as long as it could and ignored the fascism until it hit them in the pocket. Isn’t that what’s happening in India now? Minorities get lynched regularly, govt officials openly talk about slaughtering minorities, and laws reminiscent of the Nazi Hygiene Laws have been enacted…yet the “white west” ignores it in favor of more profits.

  4. Can u do one on hugo boss and the nazi uniforms during the war or IBM and how they helped by supplying the machines to help keep tract of the Jewish people in the concentration camps

  5. I look at this video and say, "Hmph. Well, if people won't drink Fanta because of its origins, I wonder how many of those same people would boycott Volkswagen because of the same reasons?"

    Because it is a historical fact: Adolf Hitler created Volkswagen (German for "People's Car) before World War II. And I find it ironic that a car company founded in a socialist regime is now completely capitalistic in nature.

  6. so what would have happen to those people if they had not been forced to work in coke factories? I think i'd much rather make drinks instead of huffing gas or being experimented on.

  7. Bayer, IBM, Volkswagen, and Kodak Was all created or heavily supported the Nazis as well. Heck we have give up lot meds that was not only created by the Bayer company, but though the unwilling human experiment. That the Nazis did. If we see things created due to evil as evil itself. It’s going take use down darker path. That kills even more people. Seeing with that logic many more of our modern advances specially meds would have to be given up. An not just due to the evils of the Nazis. Much of our meds and discovery’s was due to inhuman studies and slavery. Heck better give up electrics. Look into how most precious metals are mined to create the cell phones you throw out for new model every year. The minerals that go into makeup. The Cotten that makes your clothing. So to point finger at Fanta as this holy shit thing is asinine. Specially seeing Coca-Colas activities today.

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