How The US Outsmarted The Japanese At The Battle of Midway | Battles Won And Lost | Timeline

War with Japan – Battles Won and Lost moves its focus to the Pacific Theatre and the conflict with the formidable Empire of Japan.

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  1. LMAO..The U.S. didnt outsmart anyone..They knew where & when to IJN would attack and prepared a reception for them..During the Philippine campaign it was Halsey who was suckered into abandoning the landings on Leyte to go after 3 IJN carriers. Almost cost thousands of lives…Only Taffy 3 saved the day..Halsey was played like a cheap fiddle..

  2. During the war my grandfather was stationed at a base in the Phillipines where he would give planes the final go ahead to embark on their mission after inspecting their bombs to make sure they were loaded properly.

  3. At the root of the American victory at Midway was U.S. Navy intelligence successfully breaking Japanese codes and discovering the Japanese Navy’s plans to attack Midway Atoll.

    Commander Joseph Rocheford sent out a fake message regarding broken water evaporator units on the island. Almost immediately afterward, American listening posts intercepted Japanese transmissions mentioning the water shortage and the need to bring along extra water to support the operation. The identity of the Japanese objective was conclusively determined as Midway.

  4. Those piecemeal attacks, though ineffective on their own, kept the Japanese on their heels the entire time at Midway until the Cavalry arrived and that was key. God Bless those young men in those planes that gave the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep the Japanese fleet off balance. Americans were seen as weak and lacking courage by the Japanese at first, but the Battle of Midway proved our resolve in this war.

  5. Did Midway determine the outcome of the war of the Pacific? No not really.

    Accelerated the outcome but the outcome was more or less predetermined. Japan simply didn't have the resources or the manufacturing capabilities to keep up a sustained war with the US.

    And they really didn't understand at the time of Pearl harbor the resolve that would surface from an attack like that.

    After Pearl harbor there would be no sueing for peace. The United States would prosecute the war all the way back Japanese soil and force an unconditional surrender. No other outcome was possible.

    Japan of course was not completely to blame for these events. The United States was more or less dictating Japan's foreign policy by cutting off their oil imports. I think it was somewhat foolish of the US not to expect Japan to react rather badly to that.

  6. I think except in very rare instances in history the better provisioned, armed higher numbered armies won the war in every case. From Gettysburg, where the CSA was so outnumbered out-everythinged they never had chance at offensive success. Their only success came when the Union attacked them. Defense is easy but in the end even that fell to the preponderance of materiel…… Long before winter on the Eastern front, the natural wear and tear on all vehicles, heavy guns and human health in their 600 mile race toward Moscow the Nazi's war-making capacity was diminished by 20%… in the end the biggest best resourced side wins…. In Vietnam Giap said you can kill 10 of us for every 1 of you and we still win….Hero generals almost always had huge advantages. Not many wars are won by the smaller weaker army..

  7. Let us not forget that the United States dropped 2 (two) atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945, destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing over 100,000 human lives !

  8. Nice try at flattering the USA. USA didn’t out smart Japan. First, the USA had broken Japan’s encryption machine— all Japanese coded messages were deciphered several months before the Pearl Harbor Attack. Unbeknown to Japan, the USA had known all about Japan’s secret attack on Midway. Secondly, the US Navy gained several advantages from knowing in advance the approximate size, location, and headings of the Imperial Naval Task Force. Not surprisingly, one of the several PBY scout planes spotted the approaching Japanese carrier task force before the Japanese did. Thirdly, the USA was able quickly launch several surprise attacks against the Japanese Task Force. Conclusion: the USA did not out smart Japan at the Battle of Midway. The catchy rubric shows the YouTuber is a click bait at best, an idiot at worst.

  9. One incident at DMZ almost led to starting WWIII…..
    …..after North Korea solders murdered 2 US high ranking officers with Axe. US soldiers were trying to trim the trees which were blocking the view at DMZ at that time.
    The US President, Jerry Ford ordered the Nuclear Bombs on N. Korea………but Kim Il Sung apologized.

  10. Still NO REMORSE for what they have done….carrying War Flag everywhere even at Olympic game…… blows me away.
    Still they don’t get it…..despite of endless mysterious natural disasters keep hitting them.

  11. The nazis open two fronts that's why they lost the war….. should have never attacked the Russians….. the nazis had a peace treaty with Russia of course arrogance they broke it……

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