How Stalin Saved Britain (WW2 Documentary) | Timeline

Presented by Professor David Reynolds. Historian Professor David Reynolds reassesses Stalin’s role in the life and death struggle between Germany and Russia in World War Two, which he argues was ultimately more critical for British survival than ‘Our Finest Hour’ in the Battle of Britain itself.

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  1. "from the Russian perspective"
    except that the production and content of said production is was not created by Russians

  2. The Nazis were destroyed, but the second organizers of the mass extermination of people are still held in high esteem and respect .. Millions of innocently exterminated children, women and old people remained victims of criminals who were not punished ..From 1945 , the Red Army and bandits from local communist fanatics organized the mass extermination of German children, women and old people! The legalized genocide of the German people lasted more than 5 years, (1945-1950) more than 3 million Germans were killed, and 14 million Germans were deprived of their homes, property and homeland! Only two peoples were exterminated on a national basis, Jews and Germans .. Why do the Germans refuse to recognize the fact of the genocide of their people? Not the Germans should pay compensation, but the scoundrels Czechs, Poles, Serbs, Romanians and Russians should pay for organizing the genocide of the German people .. We need a trial over the communists – criminals like Nuremberg! Murderers must be punished for the extermination of millions of innocent people!

  3. Can somebody please explain why the British and French let the Russians and Germans invade Poland yet only declared war on one? It's mentioned in every history book that they both invaded but the Soviet Union gets a pass.

  4. Secret ? What ? Anyone who does little digging and stop being ignorant by learning history knows the commie do the most work

  5. Stalin almost kick started WW3 by approving North Korea to attack South Korea, the Korean war 1950! His ruthless was beyond imagination!

  6. Misleading said Stalin killed millions .where's the proof, the same said of Mao, Mao didn't force anyone to follow long march
    Without Stalin help,Mao likely lose Korean war

  7. Two things saved Russia , 1. The saying …..Little mother Russia ( not save the party ). And Greece . Especially after Stalin killed , or arrested and sent 3/4 of the entire officer corps of the armed forces to Gulags .

  8. The pilots of the Polish airforce who made it to Britain to continue the fight, provided such ferocity in the Battle of Britain. Without their contributions, I doubt it would have ended the way it did. My last primary school teacher in Edinburgh during 1971 told me that. He flew in the battle and for the rest of the war in Spitfires and later typhoons. 🇵🇱 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  9. A simple comparison of numbers tells us that Russia won the war with the help of the Allies. At any point, the bulk of the German Army was in Russia along with Hungarian, Romanian, Italian Fin (north of Leningrad only) and other minor units. In one encirclement at Kiev the Russians lost more than the allied combined total for the whole war on all fronts. Kiev 1941 was not the only instance of this either. Curiously, it was British and American Lend-lease that provided significant assistance for Russia from 1942 onwards (when it became effective). Without the Russians, Britain and America had no hope of beating Germany. Imagine the 180 German divisions in Russia redeployed to N Africa, Italy, France along with the Luftwaffe. I believe we owe the Russians a great debt of gratitude so it is a pity that there is so much animosity between East and West.

  10. Stalin was best world leader ever,when he was alive after Second World War 2 ,because rest off the world was sceared off him we never had any anther war or covide 19.

  11. stalin didnt save britain. germany saved the west from operation thunderstorm by the soviets. thank you germany invading them and keeping them at bay.

  12. 2:14 So this is a ‘russian’ perspective, if you’d told Stalin that you’d have got 5g of lead in the back of your head.

  13. What sort biasd character assassination is this?? Go and learn good journalism…!!! Biting the hand that fed and shooting arrows on who saved…!!! Terrible…. sensational point scoring dumb wits.

  14. In 1941 the battle for Britain was already over so i don't see how CCCP saved Britain
    Actually it's Britain and USA who saved CCCP with their lend lease

  15. Questo assasino non ha salvato niente, ha massacrato e gente innocente!!! Io non capisco perche venerate un criminale del genere!!!!

  16. Stalins real name is Koba he chance name to make more acceptable for Russian people no one would pick him as a soviet leader with name Koba

  17. Saying Stalin was looking out for "national interest" seems a bit of a stretch. He was interested in keeping his power and control over the Soviet Union, no matter what the cost

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