How Poland Could Have Won In World War II | What If

It’s commonly understood by many that Britain and France’s appeasement strategy in the build up to WW2 was a show a good will by the West toward Germany, hoping that they would eventually be satisfied, and stop their annexations, but politics aren’t usually so straightforward, and some believe that there was a deeper meaning behind appeasement, a strategy to trick Germany and the Soviet Union into destroying each other, but at the expense of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and of course, Poland. The Poles seem to have suspected that Germany would invade them, but at the request of the West, took no action to prepare. This time, things are different.

Congratulations to You’re Spying for winning the US of Z fan scenario contest with his “What If Poland Reverse-Uno-Carded Germany” script!
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  1. Firstly. If Poland joined the axis, Gdańsk would remain Polish. Hitler did not want Gdańsk at any cost. Second, Hitler would attack France in 1939, not the USSR. An offensive against the Soviet Union in 1939 would have been a total disaster or, at best, would have ended in a trench warfare. The Germans would not go deeper into the USSR than 200 km. Logistics would kill them, just like it did in 1941.

  2. this is so dumb on many levels.
    polish army in 1939 was so freakin weak and outdated, there was never a way of seeing them as an useful ally for whatever side.
    so they would not have been of any help even in a war with weak russians… let alone having them suddenly turn on Germany midwar
    like that would go unseen.. so all this is like a scenario of albania somehow conquering europe. just ridiculous and completely ignoring hard facts and limits of a nation.
    and why would France & GB accept Poland as an Empire, ruling the east of Europe? let alone to install Poland as such themselves… nothing here makes any sense.

  3. Poland and Germany were actually on very good terms and they would have accepted the alliance offer but the allies invited a man polish man to Britain, they made him feel very special with a red carpet and everything and promised Poland that if they didn't ally with hitler they would have their full support, so it wasn't polands plan to be a buffer it was a french and British plan to let Poland die.

  4. "Historically Ethnic German Lands". Just rubbish German Propaganda.
    There wou;d have been no Prussia nore GroBdeutschland without german invasionS and Infestations with Germ Viruses on Ancestral Polish Lands.
    Never historically germy. germs kept to the towns 'cause they never belonged on stolen Boden.
    After 123 years the virus was de-activated and the Holy land was dis-infected and made clean for civilized people.

  5. Even though i doubt this would have changed anything for the better, german nationalism and hunger for revenge might have been even higer, there is a chance that if they did that we would still have cool military uniforms

  6. This is an old thesis, but if ignores one key fact. Hitler indeed has secret negotiations with Poland over a joint invasion of the USSR, but Hitler remembered Napoleon's mistakes and planned first to "neutralise" France and only then march East so Poland would not be able to later form an anti Hitler alliance…

  7. In my opinion, this would not be the correct, or accurate "What If?" scenario of Poland defeating Germany. What would actually happen, is what if the Allies intervened during the September Campaign in 1939.

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