How Japan Technically Started World War 2 | Titans Of The 20th Century | Timeline

The Second Sino-Japanese War is arguably the real beginning of WW2. Mao Zedong leads the Chinese Communist Party to safety. Italians invade Ethiopia; Germans occupy the Rhineland and annexes Austria; civil wars take hold in Spain and China

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  1. The USA was acting like they were staying out of the war but were at the same time being a pest to Japan with bombings that hindered their progress; that's why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.

  2. 第二次世界大戦当時、韓国を侵略した日本は、韓国人を無慈悲に虐殺して、高度な技術人材を日本に拉致して行き文化財略奪と各種地下資源を略奪して行った韓国人が農業た米と各種の穀物を奪って日本に送った 若い女性を拉致して慰安婦に性奴隷に住まわせし韓国王妃の首を切る蛮行も犯した。しかし、日本は自国民と若い学生に真実を隠したまま、韓国が日本を疲れにする国であるかのように歪曲する

  3. World War 2 is the result of all the events that led to it and it's "official" start (if there is any) surely invites debates. But for me, when a country invade another country it is a war surely, but NOT a World War. Japan invade China in 1937. Ok. Germany invaded Austria in 1938. Ok. Germany invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939. Ok. Germany invaded Poland in September 1, 1939. Ok, and this is the date most historians recognize as the start of WW2. But really how did it differ from previous invasions? So for me WORLD war 2 technically started in September 3 (two days later) 1939 when Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada declared war on Germany. I'm sure there are lots of opinions on this, but this is mine.

  4. The Government of Japan issued a statement in the newspaper on December 9, 1941. "Japan fights for the liberation and peace of Asia"

    Japan has achieved its purpose.

  5. From the Japanese point of view, what is strange is that the victorious people of World War II are so eager to promote World War II.

    It is as if they are afraid that the truth will be exposed.

  6. This is a promotional video of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Currently, the Chinese Communist Party is creating an evil empire.

    China is a genocide nation.

    Do you believe in China?

  7. 80年前、日本とタイ以外の有色人種はほぼすべて、白人の奴隷&植民地だった。








  8. 1919年の人種差別撤廃案(Racial Equality Proposal)が否決された時に、日本人は白人と戦うしかないってなったんだと思う。英語版のwikipediaでは人種差別撤廃案が矮小化されて記述されているように思えるのだが、日本からすれば白人たちが「今後も人種差別を続けるんだ」と宣言したことになる。だったら戦わなければアジア全域が南北アメリカ状態、オーストラリア状態にされてしまう、と考えるのは当然だと思う。つまり自分たちは殺されまくって、生き残れたとしても「先住民」にされてしまう。






  9. The Second Sino-Japanese War began with an attack by the KMT Army in Shanghai.
    They began attacking civilians in the Shanghai territory.

    It was the Japanese army that defended it.

  10. I recommend everyone watch this to the end, because the caption is not too outrageous. I know how I commented when I first watched part of it and only left the comment because it is later in the documentary that the team justifies the caption. It was a European war, but the seeds of it were sowed with the Japanese brutal occupation of the Chinese provinces.

  11. The humans is a disgrace because they are not uniting…. instead they turned God world onto a battlefield of killing and deaths.
    By robbing and killing innocent people for their lands and resources just to get rich and be in power and in the end they all still died.

  12. Mankind is so wicked, although they are not powerful like mother nature…. but they killed more people than mother nature itself because of greed, wealth, power and not having any love and care in their hearts.

  13. It is miserable that historians consistently cite Roosevelt's 'New Deal' as founding Social Security for the masses without consideration that unConstitutional congressional pensions came to life with the stroke of that same pen.

    Congress has ever since voted themselves raises in salary and benefits irregardless of the plight of it's citizenry.

    The Pandora's Box of the horrors of socialism has been opened.

    Fast forward to today;

    A plandemic of dubious origins has swept the planet causing chaos to the global economy. Unconstitutional mandates have been ordered under the guide of saving lives while big pharma and the healthcare throw numbers at us without permitting us any understanding of how said numbers were arrived.

    Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yelen has warned that America is on the verge of defaulting on it's debt. The Biden administration responds to this by releasing more stimulus to the deadbeats sitting at home while the CDC issues new mask mandates.
    Throughout the 2020 elections Leftists in government have glorified the concept of a "Great Reset."

    Verily comrades, this might be a good time to start considering a new name for our Communist States.

  14. dear timeline people: these documentaries are pretty interesting, and i do enjoy watching them. but, seriously, you dont need to mislabel them to get me to watch! every freakin time i see one of your videos i think "oh, that sounds interesting", and, to be fair, the doc usually doesnt disappoint. however, it is almost NEVER about what the title says it is about. fffffffffffffffffff

  15. The historians don't really mention the communist pressure in Europe, the extremely harsh treaty against Germany after WW1, and the Great Depression, all being a huge factor in the rise of the far Right in Europe.

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