How Do German Schools Teach About WWII?

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In the video today, we do a deep dive into how exactly German schools teach about WWII and some rather unique things about all this from how most countries teach about their own historic wars.

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  1. I'm fascinated how accurate this video is. Most of the things mentioned are researched perfectly.
    We learned about the expansion and the things that happened during the war and at the front line, but often the emphasis was put on the things that happened after the places were occupied, as these are the details that make the Nazi regime so outstanding cruel.
    And, speaking for me, i think it was/is very important to learn about this throughout our entire school life, looking at different aspects in different classes and ages. We are not responsible of what happened then, but we have to learn from these times. Especially as nowadays right wing groups are on the rise again.
    One thing that wasn't really displayed right in this video, but something i as well just learned after school, is that the de-nazification didn't really work out. In school we learned that there were problems because many Nazis hid or were hidden by others. Later you find out, that they, after the de-nazification was mainly over, came back into politics or other parts or just lived a good life in other countries… too many things stayed the same, too many connections remained, to let them get back into their old positions without too many problems.

  2. I attended a german grade school (Diesterveg Shule) in the 1950's. In third grade, Our teacher said that there was a time in our past that we are not proud of, when we got older we would hear about it. We went into the basement bomb shelter and he told us of the dark past. I also remember touring a concentration camp. It was a very solemn event. I don't remember anyone talking. I do remember the huge piles of shoes, suitcases, clothing and bones.

  3. My father & his 5 brothers fought in WW2 & my Grandfather fought in WW1, though he mainly fought the Ottomans in Turkey. I never heard any of them hold any kind resentment or grudge against the German people. They had the attitude, if someone wasn’t involved or not a high ranking Nazi Officer, why would they be responsible for anything???
    Every nation has a very disturbed & shameful history, bringing it to light all the time & looking to blame another race, will never resolve anything. We all, every race, colour & creed, must move forward.
    Someone once said to me; the best thing all humanity can do with their history is act like a Dog, kick some dirt over our shit & move on!!!
    Love each other & treat your fellow humans as you’d like to be treated.
    Thanks for reading.

  4. They call German nazism "fascism" and they don't know that fascism has a different "doctrine". Nordicism is completely unknown in fascism, while it's the heart and the center of nazism. For fascism "nordicism" is a ridiculous tale becouse when Romans (a Mediterranean ethnicity) had the empire, vikings lived in the hats.

  5. The German people didn't want to end up with the same situation they inherited after WWI. Being starved out of existence. They have the United States to thank for that who recognized the human disaster and immediately sent relief to the people. They learned their lesson, and so did we. Conquered people made to suffer will eventually rebel. Conquered people who are forgiven and given a chance to change learn to be compliant.

  6. So can I go kill people and hate everyone not my race and when I get in trouble can I just say that was in the past and let’s look to the future? cool.

  7. As a German I would say that we learned about the wars kinda neutral. Usually history lessons were alot about opinions and we used to discuss alot of things about historical events, and so it felt like our teachers wanted to avoid that we would spill our opinions because it's such a sensitive topic

    Like they just told us the facts without anything else

  8. Every country should teach the youth about the crimes of their governments past as to ensure they never happen again, this includes Britain, America, France etc not just the obvious ones like Germany and Russia.

  9. We talked about Nazi Germany in history class, German class, music class as well as pedagogy class. It also popped up in pretty much any other class in side notes or something like that (social Darwinism in Biology class for example, or Werner von Braun in physics). We did not learn a lot about the warfare, as stated in the video, but we dissected the general culture of the third reich, how the churches were complicit, how people trying to resist got killed. In music class, we talked about how the nazis tried to control art and especially music, in pedagogy we argued over how this could have happened to so many people.

    In retrospect, it was great to learn about this as it can help cutting through the crap that e.g. Trump used and it inoculates you In a way. As a student, though, it felt very exhausting to learn about the third reich in next to every class.
    On a related note, we talked a lot about the 19th century as well and about Bismarck and the German Empire, discussing the history of the actually existing BRD fell short, though.

    I would say it's a big part of our culture to keep this part of our history in mind and it's actually brought up fairly often even outside of school.

  10. As an English/Australian I worked in an office with a mature Dutch (Netherlander) woman. Sometime later a middle aged German woman was also employed and the Dutch woman would not even look at her or speak to her if she could help it. I had to explain to many in the office why, and the cruel treatment the Germans subjected the Dutch to. However, I could not help but be impressed with the stoic acceptance exhibited by the German lady. She simply accepted the reproof as just and was eventually accepted by the other.

  11. Why is Hitler taught so evil, the US leaders literally wiped out an entire race of people and enslaved another. I think they were worst thann Hitler.

  12. Segregation and racism in America. Its funny how this is a point established in school given the history. I dont disagree with it but social teaching is interesting. There is so much racism in America. Not just white people. Its across the board. Its a testimant to American government. Its all just such a sham on all levels

  13. I never learned anything about german history from 1933 ongoing. I only learned about the antique and then the middle ages followed by napoleon and then Kaiser Wilhelm the second and the first world war. And this all repeated 3 times in total. We always finished with what happened right after the first world war (versaille treaty, innerpolitical problems, weimar republic) until the day Hitler managed to become the ruler of germany

    I was always very disappointed, since i am fairly interested in everything that happened after that. I am now in the 13th grade close to graduating and have learned everything i wanted to know myself

  14. I enjoy your programs referring to WWII
    The only thing it borders me you don’t seem to mansion Poland very much. Please make sure to always get the story correct as Poland was the beginning and the ending of WWII. Thanks

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