[HOI4] World War 2 With World War 1 Borders

Little timelapse if Germany had ww1 borders (fast answer they will lose really hard at the end)

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  1. Poor Austrians got cannibalized by their own Allies 💀
    At least they were in a faction with Germany so it bypassed the Anschluss

  2. Is that finland on the åland islands haha, next to sweden? That is not historically accurate.

  3. The new borders of the former Austrian Hungarian empire looks horrible. Never trust ai.

  4. Мне нравится как Советский Союз занял территории РИ))

  5. Germany:HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA i control massive part of soviet union they must cappitulate!
    Soviet union:no

  6. I like how Germany was able to take a massive chunk out of the Soviet Union but couldn't even defend Berlin from the allies

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