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Welcome to World War 2! This explosive video covers key events including the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, invasion of Poland, Battle of Britain, Second Battle of El Alamein, Operation Barbarossa and the use of atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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This video covers:

πŸ’£ A chronology of the key events, battles and figures that defined World War 2.

πŸ’£ The causes of World War 2, including the rise of Adolf Hitler and the German non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union.

πŸ’£ A look at key events including the invasion of Poland, Battle of Britain, Second Battle of El Alamein, Operation Barbarossa and the use of atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

World War 2 was a global conflict that lasted from 1939 – 1945 and had a significant long-term impact on the development of Europe throughout the 20th century.

Nazi Germany’s expansionistic leader, Adolf Hitler, pursued a relentless mission to dominate Europe, leading to a devastating global conflict.

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0:18 – Introduction
0:50 – Hitler
1:24 – Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact
1:53 – Neville Chamberlain
2:26 – Evacuation of Dunkirk
2:58 – Battle of Britain
3:31 – Operation Barbarossa
3:54 – Attack on Pearl Harbour
4:27 – Second Battle of El Alamein
5:07 – D-Day
5:39 – Atomic bombs used against Japan

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Thanks for watching ‘History of World War 2 (in One Take)’ by History Bombs.

Presenter: Chris Hobbs
German Aide: Alice Winn
Adolf Hitler: Chris Turner
German Soldier: Tim Tokley
Presenter: Chris Hobbs
Joseph Stalin/British Soldier 1/ Winston Churchill: Jonah Fazel
German Soldier 2: Paul McAleer
German Soldier 3: Tobi Wilson
Neville Chamberlain/South African Soldier: Tom Tokley
Journalist/Australian Soldier: Alex Roe
British Aide: Lucy Fennel
British Soldier 2/US Navy 2: ackson Davies
RAF Pilot 1: Felix Trench
RAF Pilot 2: Tom Skelton
US Navy 1/USA D-Day Soldier: Freddy Waller

Producer, Writer, Music: Chris Hobbs
Production Manager: Claire O’Brien
Director: Ellie Rogers
Steadicam Operator: Ilana Garrard
Focus Puller: Finn Margrie-Jones
Camera Assistant: Hannah Jell
Runner: Hugo Culverhouse
Script Consultant: Neil Thompson
Art Director: Hamish MacLeod
Costumes: Jean Arthur
Driver: Max MacLeod
Set Dresser: Phillip Snowden

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  1. What also nobody mentioned is Polish tyrnasation of ethnic Germans and Russians….even going as far as consficating their wealth and prosperity,
    Even today,…notice the Russian German community in Germany and RussianGerman community in Russia….both doing great,..but strangely both Russians and Germans avoid Poland.
    I know this….my grandmother was a ethnic German and my grandfather was a ethnic Russian.(he got murder by some thugs…because he was a wealthy man,,l…And she newer remarried,

  2. Yeah so i'll add some Italy and the balkans and we'er perfect, anyways this song is amazing and the video too

    PS:stop saying that Italy did nothing because it isn't true,
    1 he was one of the 3 mai axis powers so
    2 he helped the nazis in a lot of battles, and he did most of the egypt battles
    3 Italy created the fascism and Hitler loved that
    Anyways i know that Italy wasn't that best but we can talk about japaan if you want, everyone remember him jut for the attack of pearl arbour, he was for sure most powerfull than Italy but you can't eliminate a character for the story, maybe you can just mention it.

  3. The Narrator said "Russia" instead of "Soviet Union" and he said "Russians" instead of "Soviets"
    Edit: Technically, he's wrong.
    Edit 2: Stalin isn't Russian, he's Georgian.

  4. you didnt mentioned operation jubilee
    or operation weser u bung
    or the winter war and the finnish front at the northern front
    spanish/iraqi volunteers
    the ARMIR
    the italian army
    the magi(not) line
    the ghettos
    when ussr annexed the baltics
    operation torch
    the landings at sicily and the battles at italy
    the greco-italian war
    the ss
    the battle of guam,the battle of the five sitting ducks,the battle of okinawa
    or the battle of berlin and zealo hights
    the battle of kursk, the siege of leningrad
    the partisans at eastern europe and the resistance
    when sweden supplied germany iron
    the siege of odessa and the siege of savstopol and the gustav canon
    the battle of hill 731,the battle of crete
    vichy france and the battles at lebanon and syria
    the anschluss of austria , the munich agreement
    the geneva conviction the fate of Czechoslovakia
    the battle of the german parlament
    the battle of monecassico
    the baku goal and teshkant goal
    pahnter wotan line
    the brazilian volunteers
    the Portuguese fuel stations
    the effect of the spanish civil war
    the effect of the ethiopian italin war
    the bombing of dresden, coventry, rotterdam, warsaw, london and tokyo's factory's
    the battles at the arden forest
    the minsk, kiev and smolensk pockets
    the battle of hannuf
    the alphine battles
    khalkhin gol
    and the resistance
    you just forgot this tiny information (:

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